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The Company signed a Cooperation Letter of Intent with COSCO Shipping North America
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On 31 October, under the joint witness of Zhang Guofa, Chairman of COSCO Shipping North America and the relevant personnel of the Company,Liu Hanbo, Managing Director of the Companysigned a Cooperation Letter of Intent on behalf of the Company with Feng Bo, President of COSCO Shipping North America in the conference room of the Company, to reach a consensus on the establishment of a company in America. 

The major customers of the US outlet are the branches of large oil companies in the United States, US local refineries and traders. The network isresponsible for the region of Americas. The main purpose is to follow up the trade expansion in the markets within Americas by the Chinese oil companies such as CNPC and Sinopec, and take it as an opportunity to integrate into the local market. The Company establishes a communication mechanism with US local refineries, trading company and the branches of large oil companies in the United States, focusing on the development of the sources of Middle East - US Gulf and Middle East - US West, to provide more opportunities for the shipment of returned goods from Americas. 

The establishment of the company can well promote the regional market development, achieve the "personal" services for customers strategically and assist the fleet management in the headquarters, as well as perform the regional safety management and the collection of market information. Since then, COSCO Shipping Energy has completed the overall planning of the construction of overseas outlets of energy for the Group, and has taken a milestone step to become the most respected and reliable provider for energy shipment services.

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