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Press Release
COSCO SHIPPING Energy holds the first EGM, A&H Shares Class Meeting in 2019
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    The first EGM, A shares class meeting and H shares class meeting was held by COSCO SHIPPING Energy at Shanghai Ocean Hotel on July 26th a.m.. The meeting was chaired by Mr. Liu Hanbo, chairman and Party secretary of COSCO SHIPPING Energy. Mr. Zhu Maijin, executive director and president of the Company; Mr. Ruan Yongping, independent director; Mr. Xu Yifei, employee supervisor; and Ms. Li Zhuoqiong, secretary of the board attended the meeting. Mr. Qin Jiong, vice president of the Company; Mr. Xiang Yongmin, chief accountant of the Company; Mr Luo Yuming, vice president of the Company; Mr. Tu Shiming, secretary of Commision; Mr. Yu Bozheng, vice president of the Company; and Mr. Zhao Yu Guang, general manager assistance were present at the meeting.

    More than 40 shareholders attended the meeting and took vote, the others voted through network. Seven resolutions, including “ Amendment to the terms of the proposed non-public issuance of A shares”, “Proposal for non-public issuance of A shares (second revised version)” were approved with a huge majority. The Company announced the poll results of the EGM on SSE and SEHK on the evening of July 26th .

    Since the beginning of this year, facing the complicated international and shipping market situation, the Company has always taken "high-quality development" as the theme and planned the layout under the new energy transportation pattern. In the next stage, the company will grasp the opportunities brought by the reform of state-owned enterprises, and endeavour to "outperform the market, the reform, and the era" through self-pressure, innovation, and improvement. The Company will continue to create value for the shareholders!

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