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9 Weapons of CEST to Deliver Energy for the Battle against COVID-19
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At the beginning of 2020, the abrupt outbreak of new coronavirus is quite severe. In order to effectively respond to the negative impact of the epidemic on our customers, COSCO SHIPPING Energy and its subsidiaries fully implement the service concept of "integrity, safety, efficiency and transparency"  and take prompt action to launch the special customer service guarantee activities during the epidemic—deliver energy for the battle against COVID-19.

Strengthen customer communication and respond to customer needs

1. Comprehensively understand the need of customers and develop personalized transportation solutions accordingly. In the absence of on-site communication, business personnel maintain a smooth communication with customers through WeChat, email, telephone, etc. to learn their needs. We also take full advantages of a fleet involving all type of ships, business covering white oil and black oil both, and trade at home and abroad, to design personalized transportation solutions for customers during the epidemic and provide transportation capacity support.

2. Establish a special response mechanism during the epidemic, and actively meet customer demands. The Company attaches great importance to the needs, opinions and suggestions of customers, and designates the heads of the business departments to personally lead the implementation of the customer's demands to ensure proper settlement. In addition to the "one-stop service" of customer manager, the Company set up an emergency appeal via telephone and email available 24/7. After receiving the request, follow-ups, feedback in a timely manner is a must to ensure satisfaction of the customer.

Emergency hotiline: + 86-21-65966969

Service Email:

Do a good job of vessel schedule management to ensure operating efficiency

3. make coordinated efforts to fully protect ocean oil transportation. Marine terminal production is relatively independent, but each unloading port has different requirements concerning epidemic prevention policies, which increases the complexity in capacity deployment. In order to safeguard the safe production at offshore oil terminals, the Company will use its good coordination mechanism with its affiliated joint ventures to flexibly exchange cargo and ensure the normal oil extraction of offshore oil terminals.

4. Coordinate resources to make appropriate arrangement of ship schedule. We will do our best to collect and dynamically track the epidemic prevention and control measures in loading and unloading ports to avoid call rejection. We will coordinate properly with relevant parties such as agency, port and inspection to ensure the smooth implementation of the voyage contract. While seizing the ship schedule, we will comprehensively evaluate the customer's stocking, port tank capacity, etc., and make detailed arrangements for ship speed adjustment and cargo oil heating.

Provide extended services to enhance customer trust

5. Improve functions and launch an upgraded version of customer service APP in advance. In response to the sudden epidemic outbreak, the Company stepped up the launch of a new version of the customer service APP, and equipped it with new functions and improvement to counter COVID-19. New functions involve the epidemic prevention measures of various ports, ship inspection and quarantine, and the Company's report on epidemic prevention. On February 14, the improved APP launched and is now available to customers.

6. Publish latest epidemic prevention measures, ship and crew situation of the Company. During the epidemic, the Company will timely provided the latest ship inspections, epidemic prevention measures, crew shift time, and crew temperature monitoring to customers through various channels such as email, website, and customer service APP, so that customers can be assured of the ship and assured of transportation.

7. Release research results to let customers understand the Company's judgment on the industry trend. The internal market forecast, research results, industry trends, etc. that are of interest to customers are released in a timely manner through the website, WeChat public account, customer service APP, etc., especially the research center of the Company will study the impact of the epidemic on the industry and share research results with customers.

Emphasize internal communication and expand external publicity

8. Rely on COSCO SHIPPING Group to draw on excellent experience. COSCO SHIPPING Group is the most powerful backbone for the Company. During the epidemic, we will comprehensively strengthen the exchange of information within the Group, learn advanced experience of brother companies, to improve the service we provide for our customers.

9. Actively publicize and enhance information transparency. During the epidemic, the Company will do more in publicity, make full advantage of its website, WeChat public account, customer service APP and other channels, and inform customers of the Company's practices and achievements in service security against epidemic, in order to enhance the timeliness and transparency of information.

With firm confidence and concerted efforts to implement precise policies, COSCO SHIPPING Energy is willing to work with respected customers to overcome difficulties together! We believe that we will usher in a better tomorrow!

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