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Mt. Yuan He Wan Named and Delivered, counter-cyclical development of CSET enters harvest season
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On April 17, 2020, the Naming and Delivery Ceremony for Mt. Yuan He Wan was held in Guangzhou.

Mt. Yuan He Wan is a 114,000-dwt crude oil tanker built by Guangzhou Shipyard International for COSCO Shipping Energy Transportation. The total length of the hull is 250 meters, the width 44 meters, the depth 21.5 meters, and the speed is 14.5 knots. It belongs to the new generation of economical, energy-saving, safe, green and intelligent vessels, whose energy efficiency index meets the requirements of EDDI3. The vessel can pass the New Panama Canal. By optimizing the cargo compartment layout, it maximizes the capacity of the ship and will bring more economic benefits to the shipowner; by configuring energy-saving devices and streamlining the line shape, the propulsion efficiency was improved and the operating cost reduced. The ship is also equipped with anti-piracy measures to guarantee excellent safety and cargo/fuel leakage prevention measures, SCR system, ballast water management and other means to reduce its impact on the environment.

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