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Liu Hanbo Visits SHPGX
发布时间: 2020-06-30 分享到:

On June 23, Liu Hanbo, chairman and party secretary of COSCO SHIPPING Energy, led a team to visit the Shanghai Petroleum and Natural Gas Exchange.

During the talks with Ye Guobiao, Chairman and party secretary of SHPGX, Liu Hanbo said that China has become the world's second largest crude oil consumer and largest crude oil importer. However, it still lacks a strong pricing index of energy transportation and trade with relatively weak voice and influence. As a buyer's market, China should use institutional advantages to formulate its own rules, and convert demand advantages into pricing advantages in the international market. It is hoped that the SHPGX will play the role of "rule maker", "rule operationer" and "rule leader" to create a strong brand effect and speak its voice louder in the international market.

Liu Hanbo said that along the way, the two sides have negotiated and sought common development and established a close, stable and harmonious strategic cooperative relationship. He hoped to cooperate sincerely with win-win results in the energy field, to collectively serve market and national energy strategy.

Ye Guobiao said that back in 2019, SHPGX sailed against the current, pioneered and innovated, and made new breakthroughs in various tasks to a new level. In 2020, profound changes are taking place in the external environment. Only by accelerating innovation and forging ahead can it seek opportunities in crisis and highlight the encirclement. COSCO SHIPPING Energy and SHPGX are strategic partners, and they should conduct closer cooperation and exchanges and jointly make active contributions to the maintenance of the national energy security strategy.

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