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CSET Accepted the 308,000-ton VLCC Mt. Yuankunyang
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On August 28, the naming and delivery ceremony of COSCO SHIPPING Energy Transportation's new generation 300,000-ton VLCC Mt. Yuankunyang, which was energy-saving, environmentally friendly, and intelligent, was held in Dalian COSCO SHIPPING Kawasaki.  General Manager of COSCO SHIPPING Energy, Zhu Maijin, Deputy General Managers, Luo Yuming and Zhao Jinwen, Party Secretary of COSCO Shipping Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., Li Yiwen, General Manager of Dalian COSCO SHIPPING Kawasaki Ship Engineering Co., Ltd., Xu Weiming, and other leaders and guests attended the naming and delivery ceremony.  The "godmother" of the new ship, Ms. Huang Xiaoyan, named the ship and cut the cable.

The leaders and guests participated boarded the Mt. Yuankunyang accompanied by the ship's "three chiefs" and expressed their appreciation and gratitude to the crew for their hard work in receiving the ship.  Luo Yuming, on behalf of COSCO SHIPPING Energy, signed the ship's completion and delivery documents.

In his speech, Zhu Maijin expressed his gratitude to the leaders, officers, and friends at all levels who have given us long-term help, support and concern.  He reviewed the strong support provided by Dalian COSCO SHIPPING Kawasaki, CSET’s long-term strategic cooperative partner, for CSET’s rapid development. Zhu hoped that both parties will continue to strengthen cooperation to build high-end ships with higher standards, better quality, updated ship types, and more international competitiveness.

Mt. Yuankunyang is a 308,000-dwt VLCC built by Dalian COSCO SHIPPING Kawasaki, with a total length of 333 meters, a moulded depth of 30 meters, and a designed speed of 15.5 knots. It has been extensively optimized based on its predecessors, and is the latest generation of energy-saving, environmentally friendly, and intelligent VLCC. By optimizing the hull shape and structure, Mt. Yuankunyang reasonably reduces its weight, realizes the lightweight design to the largest extent, maximizes the cabin capacity, etc. When compared with main-scale ship designed at the same time in the market, Mt. Yuankunyang, utilizing new optimizations above and the original advantages, not only increases the actual deadweight, but also reduces the fuel consumption of the main engine, achieving the effect of energy saving and efficiency, which can create greater value for the company's production and operation.

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