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CSET's First Vessel Registered in Hainan FTP—Mt. Yuandonghai Named and Delivered
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On August 30, COSCO SHIPPING Energy's new-generation SUEZMAX ship’s naming and delivery ceremony for the 158,000-dwt Mt. Yuandonghai was held in Dalian Shipbuilding Group. Liu Hanbo, Party Secretary and Chairman of COSCO SHIPPING Energy, Zhu Maijin, General Manager, Zhou Junping, Secretary of the Working Committee of the Management Committee of Hainan Yangpu Economic Development Zone, Xiao Guoliang, Deputy Director of Hainan Maritime Safety Administration, Yang Zhizhong, General Manager of Shipbuilding Group, Sun Yuqing, President of Dalian Maritime University, and other leaders and guests attended the naming and delivery ceremony. The "Godmother" of the new ship, Ms. Yang Yuxin, COSCO SHIPPING Energy's outstanding wife of the seafarer, named the ship and cut the cable.

Liu Hanbo, Yang Zhizhong, Zhou Junping, Sun Yuqing, and Xiao Guoliang jointly witnessed the "Godmother" naming the ship and cutting the cable, and wish the Mt. Yuandonghai safe, auspicious, and a smooth sailing,.

The leaders and guests who participated in the naming ceremony boarded and visited the Mt. Yuandonghai in the company of the ship's "three chiefs", and expressed their appreciation and thanks to the crew for their hard work in the process of receiving the ship. Deputy General Manager Luo Yuming signed the ship’s completion and delivery documents on behalf of COSCO SHIPPING Energy.

In his speech, Zhu Maijin extended a warm welcome to the leaders and guests who participated in the delivery ceremony, and thanked the leaders, officers, and friends at all levels who have given the company long-term help, support and care. He appreciated the great craftsmanship of China Shipbuilding Group, who overcame difficulties such as the risk of the pandemic, and considered its customers wholeheartedly to ensure the delivery of the Mt. Yuandonghai on time.

Mt. Yuandonghai is a brand-new comprehensive energy-saving and environmentally-friendly SUEZMAX crude oil vessel that is specially tailored for Hainan COSCO SHIPPING Energy. It is a worldwide ship with a cruising range of more than 26,000 nautical miles. It also meets the new requirements of the Panama Canal and can pass through the new Panama Canal. The ship has a total length of about 274.3 meters, a width of 48 meters, and a maximum capacity of 158,000 tons. With a structural draft of 17.15 meters, it can normally load 1.079 million barrels of crude oil through the Suez Canal. This ship has remarkable energy-saving features. The excellent hull profile, coupled with an optimized hydrodynamic energy-saving device and a new energy-saving G-type main engine and large-diameter efficient propellers, shows obvious energy-saving effects. The hull structure design is carried out in accordance with the latest HCSR specifications, and the design of the superstructure is fully considered to ensure the safety of the structure and reduce hull vibration. The main engine adopts EGR and the generator adopts LPSCR to meet the NOX Tier III emission requirements. SOX emission requirements are met by using low-sulfur fuel oil. The vessel also meets the carbon emission design requirements of EEDI Phase II, various emission and environmental protection requirements such as the EU's hazardous substance list, and the ship energy efficiency management requirements of the i-SHIP(E) symbol of CCS. In addition, the ship is equipped with anti-piracy design to ensure the safety of operation.

Mt. Yuandonghai is the first new ship registered by COSCO SHIPPING Energy in Hainan Free Trade Port. In order to ensure that the ship meets the navigation conditions as soon as possible after delivery, and to ensure that Hainan Energy Company obtains the international transportation business qualification as soon as possible, on the day of delivery, Xiang Yongmin, chief accountant of COSCO SHIPPING Energy, leads a team to Haikou to apply for the ship’s maritime certificate and the operating license of the Hainan company. The Hainan Maritime Safety Administration and the Hainan Provincial Department of Transportation attach great importance to the registration of CSET ships in Hainan, and formulate exclusive plans for Hainan Energy Company. The two departments communicate with CSET many times in the early stage to optimize the application process. All certificates and documents of the ship are issued on the birthday of it. Xiang Yongmin attends the issuance ceremony of Hainan Maritime Safety Administration and Hainan Provincial Transportation Department respectively.

COSCO SHIPPING Energy has never forgotten the mission of a state-owned enterprise. It has been actively carrying out the national strategy with goals of developing state-oil transportation, fortifying national shipping capacity and national maritime power. CSET has been strengthening the cooperation with Hainan FTP. Both sides are making use of the other’s advantages. Such a cooperative relation has been accelerating Hainan FTP’s construction into a high-level free trade port with Chinese characteristics and promoting CSET to achieve its goal of "becoming an outstanding leader in global energy transportation"!

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