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Strive in "14th Five Year" and Expand Shipping Capacity—CSET Took Delivery of Mt. YUANJUWAN and Mt. YUANBEIHAI
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On January 12, 2021, COSCO SHIPPING Energy took delivery of the 109,000-ton Aframax tanker Mt. YUANJUWAN and the 158,000-ton Suezmax tanker Mt. YUANBEIHAI in Guangzhou and Dalian respectively, further consolidating the company’s global leading position of capacity.

Liu Hanbo, Chairman and Party Secretary of COSCO SHIPPING Energy, Dong Qiang and Song Jiahui, members of the National Committee of the CPPCC, Chen Zhongqian, Chairman and Party Secretary of Guangzhou Shipyard International, Chen Ji, General Manager of it, and other officials and guests attended the naming and delivery ceremony of Mt. YUANJUWAN in Guangzhou. Ms. Yang Wenjun named the new ship and cut the mooring line.

Liu Hanbo and Chen Zhongqian accompanied Ms. Yang Wenjun to painting the lion's eyes, naming the new ship, cutting the cable, and wishing Mt. YUANJUWAN safety and auspiciousness.

The officials and guests who participated in the ceremony boarded Mt. YUANJUWAN accompanied by the ship's "three heads" for a visit. Liu Hanbo expressed his thanks to the crew for their overcoming the impact of the pandemic and their diligence in the process of delivering the vessel. He asked with concern about the pandemic prevention of the ship, safe operation of the yard, and well beings of seafarers during the delivery under the pandemic. He encourages all the crew of Mt. YUANJUWAN to maintain their efforts, take responsibility, and make all-around preparations before sailing to ensure a smooth maiden voyage.

During the ceremony, Liu Hanbo met with Ding Jianyang, president of Fujian Minhai Petrochemical Group. They reviewed the beneficial cooperation over the years, introduced their respective operation, business development, strategic layout, etc., and conducted in-depth discussions on future cooperation and business operations.

On the same day, Zhu Maijin, General Manager of COSCO SHIPPING Energy, Deng Changlian and Zhang Yuhuan, Deputy General Managers of Dalian Shipbuilding Industry, Zhang Hui, General Manager of CCS Dalian Branch, and other officials and guests attended the naming and handover ceremony of Mt. YUANBEIHAI in Dalian. Ms. Zhang Li named the new vessel and cut the cable.

Mt. YUANJUWAN and Mt. YUANBEIHAI belong to a new generation of safe, energy-saving, and environmentally friendly oil tankers ordered by COSCO SHIPPING Energy. Both are world-wide vessels with cruising ranges of more than 20,000 nautical miles. This generation meets the requirements of the HCSR and the NOx Tier III emission specifications. The speed indicator and fuel consumption index have reached the international leading level. It is equipped with environment protection systems such as an intelligent ship management system. The optimized hull design and new energy-saving main engine constitute the outstanding energy-saving effect.

Mt. YUANJUWAN has a length of 249.99 meters, a width of 44 meters, a depth of 21.5 meters, a draft of 13.7 meters, and a deadweight tonnage of 109899.2 tons.

The total length of Mt. YUANBEIHAI ship is about 274.3 meters, the width is 48 meters, and the deadweight tonnage is 158,000 tons. With a structural draft of 17.15 meters, it can pass normally through the Suez Canal bearing 1.079 million barrels of crude oil.

The smooth delivery and registration of Mt. YUANJUWAN and Mt. YUANBEIHAI demonstrate not only the company and shipyards’ taking practical actions to maintain the stability of the industrial chain and the supply chain but also the company’s participation in the construction of “Belt and Road Initiative” and the Hainan Free Trade Zone. They are even more of the company's assembly call to achieve the "14th Five Year" development goals.

This year launches the "14th Five-Year Plan", and it is also the crucial year for the company to take advantage of the momentum and start the new pattern of high-quality development. Facing the intricate international environment, the company takes the “three links” development requirements of the group as the guidance, takes the company’s “Energise” strategy for the 14th Five Year as the thread, and strengthens the corporate vision of “being an outstanding leader in global energy transportation” and the strategic goals of “four world-leading positions”. The company is going to actively immerse itself into the new development pattern of the country's "dual cycle", strive to carry out the national "Belt and Road Initiative", and contribute to the construction of the 21st century "Maritime Silk Road".

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