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Press Release
Press Release
COSCO SHIPPING Energy Makes Its Debut of the Samba Tour with PetroChina International (America)’s First Brazilian Cargo—COSCO SHIPPING Energy Starts Voyage with Its First Brazilian Crude Oil Cargo of PetroChina International (America)
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On the afternoon of October 14th, with the hooting siren, COSCO SHIPPING Energy’s Mt YUANXIHU started its journey back to China with the company’s first Brazilian crude oil cargo of PetroChina International (America).


Ever since the grasp of the cargo information, the whole company, including shore-based employees and seafarers, has been collaborating and withholding the customer-centered philosophy. Prudentially carrying out each step throughout the shipping service, COSCO SHIPPING Energy presented the custom-made experience for PetroChina International (America).


Give Play to Overseas Branches and Customize Whole-Process Logistic Solutions


As COSCO SHIPPING Energy’s overseas branch for marketing and customer service, COSCO SHIPPING Tanker (USA) is in charge of service customization, business development, fleet operation, safety management, and market investigation in the Americas. The U.S. branch has been accumulating experience of Brazil – Far East voyage for years. The sailing routes cover major Brazilian ports including ANGRA DOS REIS, RIO, SANTOS, AND ACU. This year, COSCO SHIPPING Tanker (USA) is joined by a new dancing partner, PetroChina International (America), on its Samba tour.


Since the awareness of PetroChina International (America)’s participation in the project of Brazilian crude oil production, especially the offer of its first Brazil – Far East cargo in September, COSCO SHIPPING Tanker (USA) has been following the cargo closely and exchanging information on cargo and availability of tankers. Withholding the principle of “sharing, negotiation, and win-win”, the U.S. branch, under the support of marketing teams in the headquarter, offered a whole-process logistic solution.


Due to the pandemic, the employees of COSCO SHIPPING Tanker (USA) are faced with difficulties of application for working permissions and visas. Consequently, they must work remotely across the time zone. Upon hearing the offer of PetroChina International (America)’s first Brazil – Far East cargo, they overcome all setbacks to reach the clients via calls, emails, WeChats, etc. Through negotiation with the customers, their appeals are collected. Both domestic and aboard working resources are motivated, and shipping capacity is coordinated. The branch collaborates with the operation team and the safety management department of the headquarter. Taking convenience, safety, efficiency, and other factors into account, the branch forges a total logistic solution with a maximum of client’s interests. Thanks to the effective negotiation, the decision was made that Mt. YUANXIHU was to ship the first Brazilian cargo of PetroChina International (America).


Give Play to Safety Management Verge and Make Services Secured, Efficient, and Convenient


The routes are delicately designed. To meet the laycan, the vessel collects information about the maritime weather and studies the aversion plan of strong winds and waves. The final plan was to sail northwards after passing Madagascar to keep a distance from strong winds. Then the vessel turned south around the port of Durban. Following such a route, the vessel avoided bad weather with the least detour. In addition, because of the considerate plan, the vessel sailed along with the Agulhas Current, which saved sailing time and reduced fuel oil consumption. On Sep 28, the Master was informed that the departure permit could not be issued since the STS area was beyond the border of the loading port Santos. The vessel was hence required to proceed to Angra dos Reis for a departure permit then continue to sail to Santos for loading. With that being said, the Master adjusted instantly the course and speed to make sure the on-time arrival.


Take drills to get prepared. The Master arranged training for sailing safety, STS mooring and departure, and emergency measures one by one. Aiming the pilot and seaman’s lack of experience on STS operations, the Master prepared guidance on tanker STS, STS checklist, risk evaluation, etc. According to the STS plan sent from the port, the Master held several on-site training about mooring, unmooring, and usage of STS equipment.


Load safe with efficiency. On Oct 4, Mt YUANXIHU successfully called at the port of Angra dos Reis in Brazil for necessary documents. The next day, she called at the Port of Santos. Because of the limits of the weather, Mt YUANXIHU, which just arrived at her port, had to start to load without relaxation. She raced against time, received tools for STS operation, connected heads with tubes, conducted STS operation, and loaded with the highest efficiency. The rate of loading this time at her best reached her fastest speed on record. To control risks and secure the loading, the crew were assigned to the captain bridge, the control room, the cargo control room, and the deck to check the exit, draining, cables, and sea conditions every half an hour. The cable was adjusted in time.

Under the efforts of the whole crew, Mt. YUANXIHU successfully loaded the cargo of 13,2547 mt and departed in the shortest time. Abundant preparation, skillful moves, and efficient operation, all of these made it possible for Mt YUANXIHU to meet the window, call, be loaded, and depart before the weather worsened and the wave grew. Crews were highly praised by parties concerned including clients and the port sides.


Give play to Group’s industrial chain and achieve maximum of benefits with patron-owner synergy


With the strong advantages of the Group’s industrial chain, COSCO SHIPPING Tanker (USA) coordinated resources to guarantee Mt. YUANXIHU’s successful berthing and departing. COSCO SHIPPING (South America) and COSCO SHIPPING Lines (Uruguay) also participated in the customs clearance and loading in Brazil and the second loadport, Uruguay, respectively. On Oct. 10, Mt. YUANXIHU arrived at LA PALOMA, Uruguay, and anchored outside the port. Loading was delayed due to gale. The weather remained bad until 13 when the fog began to rise and visibility began to worsen. According to the weather forecasts, the next window for berthing would be one week later if the loading could not be performed on 13. The company played an active role in coordinating the charterer and the port. COSCO SHIPPING (South America) also made efforts and analyzed risks. With the premise of safety, they decided on STS loading on 13. Under the guidance of the MASTER, all the crews made joint efforts to fulfill the loading task. From mooring on Oct. 13 1512LT to cable-removing on Oct. 14 1454LT, the operation cost the team only 23.7 hrs. The loading was smooth and the waiting time for berthing was reduced, thus the interests of the company are well retained.


Although the market fluctuates, service quality is an eternal priority. “Credibility, safety, efficiency, and transparency” is our value. We, COSCO SHIPPING Energy, perform each voyage withholding the value above. The successful shipping of PetroChina International (America)’s first Brazilian cargo is a demonstration of the mutual interests of the two parties. The voyage starts the new chapter of the two parties’ Samba tour, where we are confident to build a new model for cooperation among enterprises.

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