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Press Release
Press Release
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The date coincided with the Lantern Festival. On February 26, COSCO SHIPPING Energy successfully integrated a 319,000-ton VLCC Mt. YUANFUYANG and a 308,000-ton VLCC Mt. YUANPENGYANG in Dalian. The naming and delivery ceremony of Mt. YUANFUYANG was held in the Dalian Shipbuilding Group. CSET’s General Manager Zhu Maijin, Deputy General Manager Luo Yuming, Dalian Shipbuilding Industry’s Deputy General Manager Deng Changlian, Zhang Yuhuan, Hengli Group’s Deputy General Manager Huang Xudong, and other personnel and guests attended the ceremony. The "godmother" of the new ship, “CSET’s Respectable Wife of the Seafarer”, Ms. Che Hongsong, named the ship and cut the mooring line.

Zhu Maijin and Deng Changlian witnessed the "Godmother" naming the new ship and cutting the cable. In his speech, Zhu Maijin extended a warm welcome to the guests who participated in the ceremony, to the staff of the Shipbuilding Group who devoted their wisdom and sweat to the construction, and to the personnel at all levels who have supported the company. Mt. YUANFUYANG is the eighth of nine CSET’s new international trade tankers registered in Yangpu Port with five-star flags. Her presence will further activate shipping advantages of CSET and the geographical advantages of Hainan FTP, and accelerate Hainan FTP’s development into a high-level free trade port with Chinese characteristics.

On the same day, Zhao Jinwen, Deputy General Manager of COSCO SHIPPING Energy, Zhao Zengshan, Deputy General Manager of COSCO Shipping Heavy Industry, and Xu Weiming, General Manager of DACKS, attended the naming and delivery ceremony of Mt. YUANPENGYANG in Dalian. CSET’s “Respectable Wife of the Seafarer”, Ms. Zhang Wenqing named the ship and cut the cable.

Mt. YUANFUYANG is the third energy-saving and environmentally-friendly VLCC that is tailored by Dalian Shipbuilding Industry for CSET. The ship is 333 meters long, 60 meters wide, with a deadweight tonnage of 319,000 tons and a cruising range of over 26,000 nautical miles. It’s a world-wide ship with a straight bow design. There are energy-saving wheels in front of the propellers, which lead to eye-catching energy-saving effects. The daily fuel consumption is the least in the series, and the energy-saving and environmental protection performance is excellent, which reduces a lot of operating costs.

Mt. YUANPENGYANG is of the latest generation of energy-saving, environmentally friendly, and intelligent VLCCs built by DACKS. The ship is 333 meters long, 30 meters deep, and has a maximum deadweight tonnage of 308,000 tons. The ship optimizes the propellers, improves the propulsion efficiency of the power system, and makes ship operations economical. Green G-type main engine is adopted, which features low fuel consumption, adequate power, and stable operation. The exhaust recirculation system greatly reduces nitrogen oxide in the ship's gas emission. It is the latest generation of full life cycle "environmentally friendly" VLCC. The ship uses an intelligent energy system for the first time to provide the ship with functions such as speed optimization, trim optimization, main engine evaluation, energy efficiency analyses, and fouling analysis, which simplifies ship operation management and reduces the life cycle costs of operation. By optimizing the hull line and the structure, the weight of the empty ship is reasonably reduced, the lightweight design is achieved to the greatest extent, and the cabin capacity is maximized. In addition, the fuel consumption of the main engine is reduced by about 6% compared with similar ships on the market, achieving energy saving and efficiency enhancement.

The smooth delivery of Mt. YUANFUYANG and Mt. YUANPENGYANG will further promote the company's active participation in market competition, and contribute wisdom and strength to the country's "Belt and Road Initiative" and maritime power construction. In the first year of the 14th Five-Year Plan, in the face of the uncertain international situation and the rapidly changing pattern of energy trade and transportation, the company will continue to be customer-orientated and improve customer experience through measures such as improving the fleet service mechanism. High service standards, better service quality, The company will fulfill the promise made to customers, "be a whole-process energy transporter", by reaching for higher service standards and qualities.

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