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Press Release
Press Release
CSET Passed TOTAL's TMSA Remote Audit
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From March 15th to 19th, COSCO SHIPPING Energy passed successfully the first TMSA (Tanker Management Self-Assessment) remote audit in 2021. This is the first time the company’s safety management system has been audited by TOTAL since put into use. CSET’s Deputy General Manager Zhao Jinwen and TOTAL’s Manager of Vetting Department in Paris headquarter Capt. Julien attended the first and the final meetings.

During the audit, Capt. Julien, together with two auditors, checked the implementation of 13 elements within the company’s TMSA program via video link, abiding by the requirements and recommended best practices of TMSA elements, referring to TOTAL's requirements and concerns. The audit team scrutinized relevant chapters of the company’s system documents, and records and proofs for maintenance management, navigation safety, cargo operation, human resource management, etc. While affirming the practice of the company’s safety management system, the team provided suggestions for existing shortcomings. The Safety Supervision Department is going to lead departments concerned to conduct topic research and respond timely to TOTAL.

Through this audit, safety management departments have deepened their understanding of the elements of TMSA and improved their familiarity with system documents, which is of great significance to the continuous improvement of the company's safety management. In addition, TOTAL also has a comprehensive grasp of the company's safety management system, which lays a good foundation for future cooperation.

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