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Press Release
Press Release
Zhu Maijin Attended Q1 2021 Shell Maritime Partners in Safety China Focus Group Conference
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On March 26th, the Q1 2021 Shell Maritime Partners in Safety China Focus Group Conference, hosted by COSCO SHIPPING Energy and undertaken by CSIS-IMC Shipping Co., Ltd., was held in Shanghai. Twelve related entities from all over the country, including Nanjing Tanker, Southwest Maritime, COSCO SHIPPING ASPHALT (HAINAN), and Shanghai Dingheng Shipping, participated in the meeting. Zhu Maijin, General Manager of COSCO SHIPPING Energy and Chairman of Shell's China partner, attended the meeting and delivered a speech.

At the meeting, on behalf of Shell, Zhu Maijin summarized the practice of the “three actions” of shipping companies in the first quarter of 2021 and suggested that relevant companies continue to carry out the “three actions” under the guidance of Shell’s safety culture to improve safety management of Chinese shipping companies.

During the meeting, representatives of companies reflected on past accidents. They also discussed and shared experiences on issues such as main engine gearbox failures, monthly equipment safety inspections, and entering enclosed places that frequently occur in management. Capt. Tan Yanju from Shell China promoted Shell’s safety culture.

The head of Shell China attended the conference via video link, and related personnel from CSET’s Ship Management Center and the Safety Supervision Department attended the meeting.

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