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Press Release
Press Release
Company Executives Conducted Business Exchanges in Hainan
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On April 8-9, Deputy General Managers Luo Yuming and Zhao Jinwen, and General Manager’s Assistant Zhao Yuguang visited Hainan to conduct business exchanges. During their stay, they visited respectively the Yangpu Economic Development Zone Management Committee, Hainan Maritime Safety Administration, and Yangpu Maritime Safety Administration, attended the Hainan Free Trade Port Shipping Finance Forum, and consulted with cadres from the Hainan Transportation Bureau and Hainan Port and Shipping Administration.


In Yangpu Economic Development Zone, company executives had a discussion with Zhou Junping, secretary of the Working Committee of Yangpu Management Committee. The two parties reviewed the good cooperation since 2020 and reached a consensus on the next step of cooperation and win-win.


During business exchanges with Li Zhiqiang, Deputy Director of Hainan Transportation Bureau, and Peng Chong, Director of Hainan Port and Shipping Administration, the two sides had an in-depth exchange on qualifying Hainan CSET for domestic trade.


During the business exchanges, the company executives visited Hainan Maritime Safety Administration and Yangpu Maritime Safety Administration to present silk banners, extending gratitude to the provincial and municipal maritime authorities for their great help in ship certificate, maritime supervision, and crew changes.


At the Hainan Free Trade Port Shipping Finance Forum, Luo Yuming keynoted and conducted extensive exchanges with participants on shipping financing, shipping resource integration, and shipping value amplification.


Relevant personnel from Hainan CSET joined the visit.

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