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Press Release
Press Release
Yu Bozheng Inspected Maintenance of Mt. LIANSHANHU and Mt. TIANLONGZUO
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On April 10th, Deputy General Manager Yu Bozheng, led a team to visit Zhoushan COSCO Shipping Heavy Industry Shipyard to inspect and guide the maintenance and pandemic prevention of Mt. LIANSHANHU and Mt. TIANLONGZUO that are being repaired. During the inspection, Yu Bozheng expressed gratitude to the crew on behalf of the companyand listened carefully to the reports of the ship’s “three chiefs” and supervisors on power-on execution, safety management, repair arrangement, repair progress, and pandemic control. Yu Bozheng affirmed their efforts on case studies of accidents, repair management, safety management, and pandemic control, and provided them with targeted guidance.


Yu Bozheng put forward six requirements based on the safety management and repair of the two ships:


First, reasonable allocation of personnel, layers of management, high standards, and strict requirements for the inspection of equipment and systems before leaving the shipyard to ensure the safety of navigation and cargo operation. Lay a solid foundation for subsequent operation. The second is to fully understand the importance of the company's safety management system, unify goals, unify standards, and carry out various production activities in strict accordance with the management system. The third is to learn from typical cases, learn from the accidents, combine the reality with institutions, adopt reflective learning, fully learn the lessons of accidents, and continuously improve the management ships. Fourth, design training program according to the characteristics of the existing crew. The training effect should be emphasized, and the learning should be carried out in a targeted manner. Fifth, be familiar with the process and standards of CAP, perform well in on-site supervision and quality control of CAP, and ensure the quality and progress of repairs. Sixth, constantly and strictly implement the company's pandemic prevention policies and measures, and comply with the yard’s requirements.


Yu Bozheng emphasized that on-site supervisors should do a good job in the deployment of external resources, supplier management, and coordination with the yard. They should take into account defects found in internal and external inspection and problems found in the repair process, continue to sort out and summarize the experience to improve management and repair arrangement.

Relevant personnel from the Ship Management Center joined the inspection.

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