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Press Release
CSET Convenes Q1 2021 Safety Committee Meeting: Consolidate Responsibility and Celebrate Centennial
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On April 22, COSCO SHIPPING Energy held the regular meeting of the Safety Committee in the first quarter of 2021 to further enhance its political stance, consolidate safety responsibilities, and refine safety measures to create a safe and stable environment for the 100th anniversary of the founding of CPC. Party Secretary and Chairman Liu Hanbo, and General Manager Zhu Maijin attended the meeting and delivered speeches. The meeting was presided over by Deputy General Manager Zhao Jinwen.


At the meeting, the Safety Supervision Department, Ship Management Center, Technical Support Department, and Operation Management Department consecutively reported the company's safety performance, safety management, technical support, and shipping quality in the first quarter. Zhao Jinwen put forward work deployments in terms of safety supervision, ship-shore team building, safety training, risk assessment, base construction, and safety management of joint ventures.


Liu Hanbo analyzed internal and external situations of safety production and asked both on-board and on-shore personnel to fully realize the importance of maintaining safety and stability during the special period of the centenary of CPC’s founding. All should further strengthen their responsibilities, strictly grasp the safety management work, and resolutely take up the role of safe-keeping and stability maintenance for the centennial. It is necessary to further strengthen safety inspections, conduct joint inspections and consultations before ships’ berthing, and establish a good atmosphere of joint management and joint efforts to ensure that the company's safety production situation continues to improve.


Liu Hanbo put forward the “seven musts” requirements for future safety work:


First, we must raise our political stance and attach great importance to security and stability. It is necessary to study thoroughly General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important instructions on safety, and implement the requirements of the Group’s Party Branch and the company’s Party Committee on safety and environmental protection.


The second is to be problem-orientated and strengthen implementation. It is necessary to adhere to the “Four Don'ts” and avoid “the Intolerable Four”, move safety management forward along the production line, and ensure that there are measures, implementation, supervision, evaluation, and improvement to improve continuously performance.


The third is to better utilize shore-based guidance and tighten control of navigation. It is necessary to strengthen the tracking, guidance, and monitoring of key crew in key waters during key time, and resolutely curb the occurrence of accidents.


The fourth is to strengthen training and improve self-inspection performance. It is necessary to further strengthen the training of the ship and shore teams, guided by “high standards and strict requirements”, and improve the performance of both internal and external inspections.


Fifth, we must deepen lean management, cut cost, and raise efficiency. It is necessary to get down to details of cost reduction and efficiency enhancement to ensure that the company's interests are maximized.


Sixth, we must stay vigilant and continue to prevent and control the pandemic. It is necessary to improve protection, make plans for emergencies, monitor the implementation of proactive measures, and effectively implement the “Care for Crew, Guard Ships” action to achieve the goal of “Three Zeros” in pandemic prevention and control.


Seventh, we must strengthen party building and construct the high-standard fleet led by high-quality party building. It is necessary to advertise the selection of "benchmark ships" throughout the entire fleet, and strengthen the construction of the leading indicator system, the “Three Ability Index” and the "Decathlon", for ship management.


Zhu Maijin made deployments for advancing security work in five aspects:

The first is to pay close attention to the key safety tasks, and follow the plans formulated in the "25 priorities" to fulfill the safety projects and implement them in place.


The second is to strictly implement the group's supervision requirements, strengthen the implementation of responsibilities, and formulate rectification measures to ensure a stable and orderly production.


The third is to practice accountability in accidents strictly and quickly, and form a good culture of rewarding the good and punishing the bad within the company.


The fourth is to improve the ability to accurately predict hidden dangers, and achieve high-quality safety with high-standard requirements and high-level management.


Fifth, it is necessary to continuously improve the level of safety management, and always regard problem-solving as the goal.


Company executives, members of the safety committee, and related personnel attended the meeting in the main venue. The relevant persons of Dalian Marketing Center, Guangzhou Marketing Center, Shanghai LNG, COSCO PetroChina Shipping, Shanghai North Sea Shipping, Shenzhen Sanding Oil Shipping, Singapore Company, and Hong Kong Company attended the meeting by video in sub venues.

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