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Press Release
Press Release
Pervasive Responsibilities of Safety: Zhao Jinwen Inspected Repaired Tankers
发布时间: 2021-04-27 分享到:

On April 25th, Deputy General Manager Zhao Jinwen, led a team to Dalian COSCO SHIPPING Heavy Industry, and conducted inspection on the Mt. YUANXINGHU, Mt. YUANHUIHU, and Mt. YUANCUIHU that were under repair at the shipyard.

On behalf of the company, Zhao Jinwen expressed his sympathy and gratitude to the crew for their hard work, and inquired in detail about the safety management, repair plans, crew structure, and pandemic control of each tanker, and introduced the company's recent revenue and safety performance. Then he carried out targeted work guidance for each tanker.

Based on the company's safety situation, Zhao Jinwen emphasized eight aspects of safety work and ship repair: First, the company's overall development is good but the safety situation is still challenged. It is necessary to fully learn lessons from typical accidents and continuously improve safety management. Second, attach great importance to and do a solid job in safety. The company must grasp every detail to ensure a safe and stable situation, especially at the meaningful timing of "May 1st" and "July 1st". Third, the safety of oil tankers is of the top priority. According to the particularity of oil tankers, special attention should be paid to the issues of fire prevention, explosion prevention, pollution prevention, the safety of navigation and cargo operation. Fourth, we must respect and implement the company's safety management regimes, carry out various tasks in strict accordance with the regimes, abide by laws, regulations, and ship operating procedures. All kinds of records must be complete and accurate. Fifth, strengthen crew training. Senior crew members and experienced crew must play the role of "passing and guiding" to improve the overall quality and professional skills of the newly recruited crew. Sixth, train ships for emergencies, learn from other companies’ accidents, and avoid all kinds of accidents. Seventh, while being repaired in shipyards, ships should strictly follow operating regulations and factory regulations, and do a good job in fire prevention, explosion prevention, and pollution prevention. Especially before getting into the cabin, it is necessary to do a good job of poison testing, and remind the staff of shipyards to protect themselves. Prior to leaving the factory, focus on the inspection of core equipment, emergency equipment, pollution prevention equipment, and cabins. Eighth, the pandemic prevention work of ships and crew must be constant and unremitting. Strictly implement the Group’s and company's policies and measures, and comply with the shipyard’s requirements.


Relevant personnel from the Safety Supervision Department, Ship Management Center, and Dalian Marketing Center were also present.

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