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Press Release
Liu Hanbo Inspected Mt. ANCHI Ahead of Int'l Workers' Day
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On April 28th, Liu Hanbo, Party Secretary and Chairman of COSCO SHIPPING Energy, led a team to Mt. ANCHI, which was docked at Shanghai Waigaoqiao, for safety inspections. Liu, on behalf of the Group’s executives, extended festive greetings and best wishes to crew on board. He further emphasized the responsibility of the ship’s first-line safety, and demanded a safe and stable environment for the centennial of CPC.


Liu Hanbo boarded Mt. ANCHI to conduct safety inspections, to hear report on production, operation, safety, pandemic control, food supply, crew development, etc. Liu reviewed suggestions on the company's "care for the crew and guard the ship" project, and affirmed the crew of Mt. ANCHI for sustaining positive atmosphere, fulfilling earnestly missions and responsibilities, and maintaining the orderly production and operation.


Liu Hanbo and the vessel’s “Three Chiefs” had discussions and exchanges on the implementation of safety regimes, joint pre-inspections, pollution prevention, and crew’s health. Liu emphasized that it is necessary to be inspired by and gain practical skills from the study of Party history, to precisely understand Chairman Mao’s remarks that "seriousness is the key, the Communist Party features for being serious" and to fully understand the significance of maintaining stability during the special time span of the Party’s centenary. The crew should stay "serious" when learn Party history, and practice the Group's strategy about safety and ecological environmental protection, as well as the Group's three-year action for rectification. Implement the company’s fundamental strategy of safe production and environmental protection, which is “care for crew, respecting lives, guard ships, respecting the ocean, comply with regulations, respecting responsibilities”, strictly perform safety management and escort the centennial.


Liu Hanbo stressed the responsibility of safety from seven aspects:


The first is to ensure safety from a higher political stance, implement earnestly Xi Jinping’s important instructions on safe production, combine party history education with safe production, and give full play to the political advantages of “building party branches onto ships” to ensure all the safety measures are well implemented.


The second is to take good care of old ships, to respect and serve the 18-year-old Mt.ANCHI like the elders in the family, and to manage and operate the ship well.


The third is to do a good job of bridge management, improve safety awareness, strengthen safety responsibilities, and ensure navigation safety.


The fourth is to do a good job in the maintenance of ship equipment and hold high-quality pre-work meetings. Carefully analyze and scientifically predict the operation of equipment to ensure the safety and adaptability of the ship.


The fifth is to pay attention to quality of the service every day, improve the efficiency of operations, and continuously improve the quality of shipping service.


Sixth, we must perform persistently pandemic prevention, and continue to carry out normalized measures in accordance with the requirements of the Group and the company.


Seventh, it is necessary to build a consolidated the crew through motivating experienced seafarers to train the new crew.


The ship’s “three chiefs”, representing the crew, expressed gratitude to the company’s Party Committee for their “nine practical measures” including supply of protection materials, crew change, work subsidies, free mobile data, and care for the crew’s families during the pandemic. Liu Hanbo stated that the company’s party committee will do a solid job of the project named "I do practical things for the people", conducting education of party history. The company is going to continue practicing the "Care for the crew and guard the ship" project, and strive to answer to the concerns of the crew and their families. It will create a harmonious, stable, and cozy working environment for everyone.


The company’s Deputy General Manager Yu Bozheng and relevant personnel from the Oil Tanker Department, Ship Management Center, Safety Supervision Department, and Political Affairs Department attended the meeting.

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