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CSET’s Party Committee Studied Xi Jinping's Remarks on Workplace Safety to Improve Management
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To further implement Xi’s remarks that "Party committees must manage major issues, development is a major issue, workplace safety is also a major issue, scientific development cannot be achieved without safety", on April 7th, Liu Hanbo, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of COSCO SHIPPING Energy presided over the party committee (expanded) meeting. The committee studied Xi Jinping’s thoughts on production safety, examined work reports on safety, and discussed measures for management improvement.


At the meeting, Liu Hanbo led the representatives to learn six key points of Xi Jinping’s views on production safety. He conveyed the spirits of the Group’s Safety Management Supervision Meeting and the Group’s Safety Management Symposium. Liu Hanbo then heard the special reports from Deputy General Managers, Zhao Jinwen and Yu Bozheng, on safety. The company’s executives, together with Safety Supervision Department, Ship Management Center, and Technical Support Department, analyzed the weaknesses of the company’s safety management through discussion, found out the existing problems and deficiencies, and posed requirements for further safety improvements.


Liu Hanbo put forward six requirements on implementation of Xi’s directives and improving the company's safety management:


First, leading cadres at all levels must thoroughly study General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important instructions on safety work, and study earnestly the Safety Production Law and the Three-Year Plan for the Group’s Special Rectification of Safety Production. These files must be kept in mind and carried out in daily life. It is necessary to further improve political judgment, understanding, and political execution. It’s a must to raise comprehensively the political stance and improve political integrity of cadres, weighing work based on the interests of the Party Central Committee, the country, and the Group. Executives should seek common ground while reserve differences and set models of joint force for safety management.


Second, further implement basic strategies of the Group and the company on safety production and ecological environment protection. It is necessary to fully implement the strategic deployment of the Party Central Committee and the Group party branch on safety and ecological environmental protection. Care for crews and respect lives. Guard vessels and respect the ocean. Abide by regulations and respect responsibilities. So that the giant ship, COSCO SHIPPING Energy, will be stable and far-reaching, escorting the safety of national energy transportation.


Third, focus on the “25 priorities”. "Prevent risks and guard the bottom line", practice "high standards and strict requirements", and fulfill key tasks such as ship safety management, integrated management with high-standard, comprehensive performance and efficiency system, “caring for the crew and guarding the ship 3.0”.


Fourth, accurately formulate rectification for issues raised by the Group meeting in accordance with the requirements of the Group supervision. It is necessary to set up a rectification workgroup to clarify the work list and the mechanism of meeting, reporting, and evaluation.


Fifth, it is necessary to establish an analysis and assessment team in accordance with the Group's supervision requirements on careful analysis of personnel and institution, to analyze and assess the institution and the management team, and propose optimization plans.


Sixth, further strengthen the restraint, inspection, and accountability mechanisms in safety management. Give full play to the role of both top-down and bottom-up inspections, and carry out the investigation of accountability in accidents.


Company executives and principals of various departments of the headquarter attended the meeting.

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