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Press Release
Press Release
CSET Held the 2021 Conference on Typhoon, Flood, and Piracy Prevention
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On May 12, COSCO SHIPPING Energy held a theme conference on typhoon, flood, and piracy prevention in 2021 by video. Company General Manager Zhu Maijin and Deputy General Manager Zhao Jinwen attended the meeting and delivered speeches.

Zhu Maijin affirmed the company's achievements in typhoon, flood prevention, and piracy prevention in 2020, and put forward seven requirements for 2021:


First, raise political stance to ensure that typhoon, flood, and piracy prevention work is foolproof. The second is to adhere to the “bottom line thinking”, and implement the anti-typhoon policy of "prevention first, avoid timely, and leave enough room". Third, establish a red line awareness and strictly abide by the basic principles of anti-piracy, which is "prevention first, early action, and keeping them off the vessel". The fourth is to implement lean management to maximize the benefits under the principle of ensuring "safety first". The fifth is to strictly observe the duty system, and further strengthen the 24-hour duty work during critical periods. The sixth is to strengthen safety supervision, and do a good job of investigating hidden dangers to ensure the normal operation of equipment. The seventh is to focus on the accumulation of experience, constantly improve relevant regulations and procedures, and continue to improve the company's "three prevention" management.


Zhao Jinwen commented on the "three prevention" work in 2020, responded to the suggestions put forward by the participants, and emphasized this year's "three prevention" work in five aspects: First, collaborate and resolutely implement the Group and company's defense against typhoon, flood, and piracy prevention policies. The second is to clarify the “prevention” boundary and not break the bottom line. The third is to strengthen equipment inspections to ensure the normal operation of “four machines and one boiler” and the status of the oil tank filter and the oil pan. The fourth is to do a good job of anti-typhoon work for unpowered ships. The fifth is to fully understand the severity and complexity of the piracy situation and the importance of anti-piracy work. Pay attention to hot spots and the impact of emergencies on ship safety.


At the meeting, relevant departments and organizations reported on the prevention work in 2020 and discussed the current problems, difficulties, and how to prevent scientifically and leanly.


The company’s VLCC Department, Tanker Department, Safety Supervision Department, Ship Management Center, Technical Support Department, and Shanghai LNG attended the meeting at the main venue. CPSCO, Guangzhou Sanding, Yangpu, North Sea, Dalian Marketing Center, Guangzhou Marketing Center participated in the video conference.

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