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Zhao Jinwen Inspected Mt. YUANHEWAN and Mt. FENGHUANGZUO
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On May 13, Zhao Jinwen, Deputy General Manager of COSCO SHIPPING Energy, led a team to Dalian to conduct an inspection of Mt. YUANHEWAN and Mt. FENGHUANGZUO that were being repaired in the shipyard.


On behalf of the company, Zhao Jinwen expressed his gratitude to the crew for their hard work, and held discussions with the ship’s “three chiefs” and crew representatives to learn about the repair progress, pandemic prevention, team building, model ship building. He also learnt the crew’s concerns and coordinated to resolve the vaccination issue of crew members.


Zhao Jinwen put forward three requirements on safety management and repair work: First, the pandemic prevention and control should not be slack. The policies and measures of the Group and the company should be strictly implemented, and the yard’s regulations should be observed. The second is to ensure safety during repairs, strictly implement ship operating regulations and factory regulations. Do a good job in fire and explosion prevention and work injury prevention. The third is to do a good job in crew training. Take advantage of ship repair opportunities to strengthen the crew training. Give full play to the "leading and guiding" role of the seniors and improve the crew's ability.


Relevant personnel from the company's Technical Support Department, Safety Supervision Department, and Ship Management Center accompanied Zhao Jinwen.

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