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Press Release
Press Release
CSET and UNIPEC Studied Jointly “Emission Peak and Carbon Neutrality”
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Editor’s Note: Achieving emission peak and carbon neutrality is a systemic change of the economy and the society. Having peak emissions and carbon neutrality must be incorporated into the overall layout of ecological development. People should be prepared to achieve the goal of reaching the emission peak by 2030 and carbon neutrality by 2060 on time. In order to thoroughly implement Xi Jinping’s thoughts on ecological development, further raise political stance, fulfill responsibilities and explore jointly systemic changes in development paths, energy structures, and mindsets, COSCO SHIPPING Energy and China International United Petroleum & Chemicals launched a joint learning activity.

On May 21st, Liu Hanbo, Party Secretary and Chairman of COSCO SHIPPING Energy, led a team to Beijing to cooperate with UNIPEC, Fuel Oil Company, and Lubricant Company to launch a collective study of party building, promoting the transformation of energy structure under the background of "peak emission and carbon neutrality". Chen Gang, Party Secretary and Managing Director of UNIPEC, Liu Zurong, Party Secretary and Managing Director of Fuel Oil Company, and Xia Shixiang, Party Secretary and Chairman of Lubricant Company, participated in the collective learning.


The conference invited experts to deliver a lecture on the background of the targets, the trend of energy structure transformation, the scale of carbon trade market, and the energy and technological revolution. Participants further studied Secretary Xi Jinping's remarks on reaching the emission peak and carbon neutrality. They also reached a consensus on joint party building, strengthening upstream and downstream cooperation, and promoting energy structure transformation.


The participants concluded that China's promises to reach the carbon emission peak by 2030 and achieve carbon neutrality by 2060 are strategic decisions made by the Central Committee after thoughtful consideration. The goals are related to the sustainable development of Chinese people and the building of a human community with a shared future. Achieving the emission peak and carbon neutrality is a tough battle and a major test for the management of energy-related enterprises. As subsidiary SOEs on the energy industrial chain, companies must be guided by Xi Jinping’s thoughts on ecological development, firmly grasp and implement Xi Jinping’s important remarks on emission peaks and carbon neutrality, handle properly opportunities and challenges in the industry, upgrade mindsets and paths for development, and unswervingly follow the green and low-carbon path of high-quality development with ecological priority.


Liu Hanbo thanked participants for their care and support for the development of COSCO SHIPPING Energy. In his speech, he pointed out that achieving the emission peak and carbon neutrality is a systemic change for the economy and the society, which not only determines the future of the company but also has a profound impact on the future of the Party, the country, and the people. COSCO SHIPPING Group and Sinopec Group, as central SOEs, both assume important and irreplaceable functions in the country's economic development. As subsidiaries of the two Groups, it is our innate mission to implement resolutely the deployment and new development concepts of the Party Central Committee.


Liu Hanbo said that CSET should take the lead in the new round of competition and be a practitioner in green development. Cooperation should be fortified in transportation of product oil, fuel oil, and LNG. Progressive contribution to the emission peak and carbon neutrality should be made jointly.

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