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Press Release
Press Release
Zhu Maijin Inspected Mt. YUANCHI on Int'l Workers' Day
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On May 1, Zhu Maijin, General Manager of COSCO SHIPPING Energy, went to the Mt. YUANCHI docked at Dalian 7th Petroleum Plant to inspect. On behalf of the company's Chairman Liu Hanbo, Zhu Maijin expressed his greetings and gratitude to the crew who worked hard during the workers’ day.


Zhu Maijin inquired about crew management in detail and listened to the reports of “three leaders” on operation, cost reduction and efficiency enhancement, safety, party building, creating model ships, caring for crew and guarding ships, and maintenance. He affirmed the appearance of Mt. YUANCHI and the unity of crew. Then he pointed out that the safe operation and revenue of the company in the first quarter have benefited from contribution of every crew member.


Zhu Maijin put forward requirements for onboard work from five aspects:


First, continue to do a good job in the prevention and control of the pandemic. It must not be taken lightly. It is necessary to implement various prevention and control measures in a routine way to ensure the health of the crew. The company is also actively coordinating the issue of crew changes. Crew members are required to consider the overall situation of pandemic prevention and obey the relevant regulations of the authority.


The second is to continue to do a good job in production and operation. In the first quarter, the company overcame the difficulties of the downturn in the foreign trade market and achieved a good start. We must learn from the case, raise our safety awareness, and rely on ourselves to ensure safety.


The third is to continue to do a good job in onboard training.

Crews should be trained according to the actual situation, make good use of the pre-work meeting, clarify the work, and arrange the safety work well. At the same time, it is necessary to do a good job of individual training for personnel in key positions, and to establish a mechanism. The captain and chief engineer must do a good job of "leading and guiding" pilots and engineers.


The fourth is to continue to guarantee service. The shipping industry is a service industry. It must rely on services to win customers and build a brand. It should continuously improve capabilities and strengthen its own construction. Do a good job internally and strengthen services externally, reflect the level of service management, and build a reputable brand.


Fifth, we must continue to strengthen the action of "Caring for Crew and Guarding Ships". It has been upgraded to version 3.0. The shore-based organization must serve the crew well, guide the ship well, train the crew well, and solve the crew’s concern in time; the ship must fully cooperate, frankly communicate, and implement specific requirements. The two sides work together to do a good job in the safety of ships.


Zhu Maijin also inspected the deck, cargo control room, engine room, centralized control room, kitchen, food warehouse, and other places.


Relevant personnel from the Dalian Marketing Center accompanied Zhu Maijin.

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