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Press Release
Press Release
Born with the Trend and Act Accordingly—The First Anniversary of Hainan Energy Company
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On June 16, 2020, with hope and responsibility, under the requirement of the national strategy to establish the Hainan Free Trade Port and that of the strategic cooperation between the Group and Hainan Government, COSCO SHIPPING Energy registered and established a wholly-owned subsidiary, Hainan COSCO Shipping Energy Transportation Co., Ltd. in the port area of Hainan Yangpu Economic Development Zone.


Complete the "triple jump" and achieve a high start


Being one of the earliest shipping companies registered in Yangpu Port since the release of the development plan of Hainan Free Trade Port, Hainan company has achieved a triple jump through the merger of overseas companies, domestic wholly-owned subsidiaries, and related subsidiaries in the past year. Up to now, Energy Hainan Company has registered a total of 25 vessels in "China Yangpu Port" and "Yangpu Port" with a capacity of 4.67 million dwt, accounting for 94.8% of the total shipping capacity registered in Yangpu. Hainan company also controls 25 ships with a capacity of 6.4 million dwt through its 100% holding Hong Kong company. Hainan owns and controls a capacity of 11.07 million dwt. It is among the top 10 tanker owners in the world. It provides a solid foundation for Hainan Yangpu Free Trade Port to make a new western land-sea channel and an international hub port.


Integrate regional advantages and achieve mutual benefit


Over the past year, Hainan company has been forging ahead in a down-to-earth manner, making full use of regional and policy advantages, deeply integrating with the development of Hainan Yangpu Port, and achieving mutually beneficial development. In the process of the continuous improvement of various shipping infrastructures in Yangpu Port, the continuous enhancement of various functions, and the continuous accumulation of various shipping factors, Hainan company is not only a witness but also a contributor. In accordance with the relevant value-added tax policies of Hainan Free Trade Port for international shipping vessels, the company became the first to enjoy the tax rebate policy. With the implementation of registration procedures for Hainan FTP’s international ships, the company’s new vessels acquired all the certificates needed on the same day, enjoying the policies and also winning more developmental advantages for the company.


Improve business management and build a solid foundation


Over the past year, Hainan Energy Company has always maintained an uplifting spirit. The united team always overcome difficulties. In the early days of its establishment, although there was few employees and heavy tasks, under the robust leadership of CSET, the company was committed to fulfilling its duties. It adheres to CSET’s “running” culture, works hard, and makes continuous progress in system construction, compliance, and basic management step by step. As a result, operation safety and individual security are guaranteed.


Hainan Energy Company has become a model of Hainan's government-enterprise cooperation and is attracting more shipping companies to settle in Hainan and Yangpu. The industry clustering effect continues to grow. In the future, Hainan Energy Company will further promote locality development and make full use of strategic advantages and its low investment costs to continue developing and making waves together with COSCO SHIPPING Energy.

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