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Press Release
Press Release
First Ship for PCI LNG Project Entered Dry Dock
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On June 18, the docking ceremony of the first ship of PetroChina International LNG Transportation Project was successfully held at Shanghai Changxing Island No. 1 Shipbuilding Base of Hudong Zhonghua. Zheng Jun, Deputy General Manager of PetroChina International, Qin Jiong, Deputy General Manager of COSCO SHIPPING Energy and Chairman of COSCO SHIPPING LNG Investment (Shanghai), Chen Jun, General Manager of Hudong Zhonghua, and Wu Aijun, Deputy General Manager of China Shipbuilding Trading attended the ceremony.


At the ceremony, Zheng Jun, representing the shipowner, placed coins on the keel of the ship and signed the hull blocks. Subsequently, Hudong Zhonghua welded the keel of the ship and the coin, marking that the first-built ship fully met the PEP docking requirements of the project and officially entered the new stage of in-dock construction.


Cong Jian, General Manager of Shanghai LNG, Xu Wei, Deputy General Manager, and Ji Mingsi, Deputy General Manager of COSCO PetroChina Shipping, attended the docking ceremony.


In the same period last year, in the face of the pandemic, the global division of labor brought severe challenges to the industrial chain, the supply chain, and the value chain. China COSCO SHIPPING, PetroChina, and China State Shipbuilding Corporation take up responsibility for building the new development paradigm, in which domestic and overseas markets reinforce each other, with the domestic market as the mainstay. The three SOEs have signed a contract to build three 170,000m3 LNG carriers to help prosper the domestic economy, ensure the safety of energy transportation, and accelerate the coordinated development of the domestic LNG industry chain.


Over the past year, China COSCO SHIPPING, PetroChina, and China State Shipbuilding Corporation have planned actively to further strengthen cooperation, resolutely carry out routine prevention and control of the pandemic, and guarantee the quality, progress, and safety of projects. All are committed to making the project, which is the first LNG transportation project with a 100% Chinese background of operation, management, and construction, a model of cooperation among central SOEs.


COSCO SHIPPING LNG Investment (Shanghai), a subsidiary of COSCO SHIPPING Energy, undertakes management tasks covering the entire life cycle of the ship, such as the selection and supervision of the project ship, ship safety management, and operation management. Shanghai LNG dispatched a skilled technical team to closely cooperate with Hudong Zhonghua, shipowner’s shareholders, and charterers. The team strictly follow the requirements of the three ISO standards to complete the project’s PEP/HSE plan/quality plan with high quality and created the fastest record from signing a contract to meeting the PEP conditions and starting construction. The experts continue to do a good job of block production, block assembly, and equipment FAT and unpacking to ensure that the new ship is constructed with high quality according to the schedule. Up to now, the construction of the three newbuilds for the project has been fully started as planned. The first ship was entered successfully the dry-dock today, and the quality of shipbuilding has reached the expected standard.


COSCO SHIPPING LNG Investment (Shanghai) has established a wholly-owned LNG ship management company in Hong Kong in June 2020 to build a world-class management platform and ensure that ships for the project are well delivered, operated, and managed. At the same time, Shanghai LNG takes zero off-hire as its safety management goal, continues to improve its operation and management, continuously summarizes the post-commission operation and management experience of existing project ships, and is proficient in LNG STS transfer. The company covers global safety management of all ship types and aims to provide more high-quality, efficient, and safe services for this project.


As a leader in China’s LNG transportation business, COSCO SHIPPING Energy is an important participant in the world’s LNG transportation market. Shanghai LNG is committed to developing transportation of LNG and new energy resources, carrying out the second curve strategy, bearing in mind the country’s most fundamental interests, and sticking to the goal of emission peak and carbon neutrality. It will continue to promote the in-depth integrated development of the LNG industry chain, ensure a good opening for the "14th Five-Year Plan", and take practical actions to present the centenary of the founding of the Party.


At present, COSCO SHIPPING Energy has participated in the investment of 41 LNG carriers with a total capacity of 6,943,600 cubic meters.

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