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Press Release
Press Release
Zhao Jinwen Inspected Mt. Cosgold Lake and Mt. XINTONGYANG
发布时间: 2021-06-22 分享到:

On June 22, Zhao Jinwen, Deputy General Manager of COSCO SHIPPING Energy, led a team to Dalian to inspect Mt. Cosgold Lake and Mt. XINTONGYANG that were being repaired in the shipyard and discussed with the ships’ “three chiefs” and crew representatives.

On behalf of the company, Zhao Jinwen expressed his gratitude to the crew for their hard work, inquired about the implementation of pandemic prevention measures, and inspected in detail the deck, engine room, ballast tank, cargo hold, and other key repair and renovation projects. During the discussion, Zhao Jinwen introduced the operation of the company as well as the safety performance of the fleet, analyzed the crucial problems in the safety management of the fleet and proposed solutions, and listened carefully to the report on the progress of ship repair, safety management, pandemic prevention and control, team building, and efforts to make a benchmark ship.


Zhao Jinwen put forward six requirements for ship repair. First, pandemic prevention and control should not be slack. During the repair period, there is more personnel on and off ships, and the pressure of pandemic prevention and control increases. Thus, it is necessary to strictly implement all pandemic prevention measures. The second is to do a good job in safety management. Strengthen coordination with the shipyard, establish an emergency mechanism, be familiar with all kinds of safety plans, strictly carry out all safety requirements, and focus on safety work such as fire and explosion protection and operation in closed places. Third, pay attention to crew development. Keeping their duties in minds, all crew should take this shipyard repair as an opportunity to train themselves, improve competence, and constitute a first-class team through on-site learning, shore-ship communication, apprenticeship, etc. Fourth is to continue to implement the program of "Caring for The Crew and Guarding the Ship". Seriously and meticulously implement the program in aspects of the crew's work, study, and daily lives. Gradually enhance the crew's sense of honor, happiness, and pride. Then further stimulate the crew’s enthusiasm and motivation to take good care of the vessel and forge ahead. Fifth is to combine “safety production month” activities with the ship repair work to ensure the safety of the ship and its crew during the whole repair period. Sixth, strengthen Party building on board. Give full play to the fortress role of the Party branch on board, earnestly and meticulously carry out the work of Party building, and promote management through party building, leading the crew to complete tasks assigned by the company.

Relevant personnel from the company's Ship Management Center accompanied Zhao Jinwen.

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