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Press Release
Press Release
Zhu Maijin Inspected Mt. LIPINGTAN
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On June 25, the 11th International Day of the Seafarer, Zhu Maijin, general manager of COSCO SHIPPING Energy, inspected Mt. LIPINGTAN, which was in operation at Dalian Petroleum No. 7 Plant. On behalf of the company and Chairman Liu Hanbo, Zhu Maijin extended holiday greetings to all crew members and thanked them for their hard work. During his stay, Zhu Maijin discussed with the ship’s “three chiefs” on pandemic prevention and control, production and operation, safety management, crew management, onboard training, external inspection, three services for SHELL, benchmark making, equipment status, and spare parts supply and quality. Zhu Maijin also checked the bridge, the engine room, and the kitchen of the ship. He affirmed the achievements made in team building, crew training, “caring for the crew and guarding the ship”, then put forward requirements for the ship from five aspects.


The first is to further strengthen the prevention and control of the pandemic. The global epidemic is still severe. It is necessary to stay vigilant and take care of the physical and mental health of the crew.


The second is to maintain a safe and stable situation. This year marks the centenary of CPC. While performing celebration activities, we must also keep the bottom line of safety. Both the Group and the Company have held theme conferences on safety. The crew must conscientiously implement all the requirements put forward by the conference to ensure safety work is in place.


The third is to further learn from accidents. Take the recent domestic safety accidents as warnings and clearly understand that the risks exist all the time. Carefully conduct risk investigation and management to ensure the safety of ships and crews.


The fourth is to perform well in system documentation. The crew should follow the requirements of the system to make good use of pre-work meetings. Strengthen awareness through training. It is necessary to attach great importance to keeping records, to be standardized and timely, and to comply with the relevant inspection requirements of the maritime authority.


The fifth is to further strengthen the brand influence. The performance of the front-line crew represents the brand of the company. The ship and the shore should work together to build the company's reputation and promote the brand influence.


Relevant personnel from the Dalian Marketing Center accompanied Zhu Maijin.

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