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Press Release
Press Release
Growing Together with Bora—CSET's High-Quality Services Make Its Brand
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As a shipping company with the world's largest tanker fleet and the most tanker types, COSCO SHIPPING Energy always put the customers first, continues to explore partners, and upholds principles of "credibility, safety, efficiency, and transparency" to deliver professional, efficient, and high-quality service. The company has won wide recognition and praise from clients. Especially in the win-win cooperation with Liaoning Bora Enterprise Group, both CSET and Bora achieved development.


Companionship and Coordination


Bora Group is a modern enterprise that integrates petrochemical, chemical, product wholesale, and logistics. It is a leading private enterprise in Panjin. In 2015, the import rights and use rights of imported crude oil were authorized to non-state-owned entities. Since then, the company has been developing rapidly and the need for logistic service of raw materials has been growing. In June 2016, CSET was established after the reform and reorganization. A leap has been achieved in both the shipping capacity and the ship type. A perfect match between the need of Panjin North Asphalt Fuel and the shipping capacity of CSET was reached. Since 2016, the fields of cooperation between the two parties has been extending, and the volume of cargo voyages has been increasing year by year. In 2020, the volume of cargo shipped exceeded 9 million tons, a rise of 250% compared to 2016. The number of voyages exceeded 150, an increase of 185%. A steady increase of volume in 2021 is expected, accompanied by broader cooperation.


Service and Value


"Improving service quality and creating more value for clients" is the pursuit of COSCO SHIPPING Energy. As an important customer, Bora is provided with customized services that consist of various vessel types, whole-process logistics, and security guarantees. A "Bora Service" is developed.


Growing with customers is a result of CSET's unique customer service manager mechanism that coordinates internal and external resources. When the intent of cooperation was reached, the company established its customer service team at once. The team serves customers, tracks their needs, work proactively, and explored the creation of quasi liner shipping in order to create "perfect customization + extended value-added services". Hence a win-win cooperation is achieved by efficient and thoughtful services. With the improvement of route operation, ships have been devoted and 5 MR vessels constitute a fixed fleet. With the deepening of cooperation and the increase of the business volume of Bora, the customer service team is actively researching and promoting the use of larger ships. From the beginning of MR single-type operation to today’s full coverage of MR, Panamax, and Aframax, the average single voyage loading is raised to 50,000 tons, which is an increase of nearly 40% compared to the initial level. Flexibility is increased, the frequency of calls is reduced, and choices of ship types for Panjin North Asphalt Fuel are broadened.


Perfection and Excellence


The company has always been dedicated to serving customers. The company continuously strengthens the cooperation and communication mechanism with ports and customers, improves the efficiency of routes, loading, and unloading operations, focuses on each step, crafts carefully every detail that may be ignored, and strives to create more efficient services. Through innovative modes such as liner transportation, the efficiency of ship turnover has been improved. The average berthing time at the port is basically controlled within 7 days, which has greatly improved the loading and unloading efficiency of Panjin North Asphalt Fuel port. These have won praises from customers.


On this basis, the cooperation between the two parties has continued to increase, and the degree of trust has been deepened. CSET has undertaken all the domestic transit oil of Panjin North Asphalt Fuel, composing a close cooperative relationship and a good situation of mutual benefit.

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