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Press Release
Press Release
Rise to Responsibilities and Conduct Maritime Rescue—Mt. SHANHUZUO Assisted in Rescuing Vietnamese Vessel in Distress
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On July 7, COSCO SHIPPING Energy's Mt. SHANHUZUO participated in the rescue of the Vietnamese general cargo ship "Fu Shun 36" near the Qiongzhou Strait. In the 4-hour rescue, the professionalism and efficient execution were highly affirmed by maritime authorities.


In the afternoon, Mt. SHANHUZUO, which was performing its voyage V159, anchored near the east entrance of the Qiongzhou Strait to avoid the influence of Typhoon No. 3 in the South China Sea. At 1500, the Second Officer received a VHF distress call and immediately reported to the captain. The captain rushed to the bridge to verify the call and found that the ship in distress was located at 200 azimuths of our ship and about 8 nautical miles away. With his rich sailing experience, the captain quickly made a preliminary plan for rescue with full consideration of the surrounding sea area and weather conditions.


At 1510. Mt. SHANHUZUO received a notice from Qiongzhou Strait Traffic Control Center saying the ship in distress is the Vietnamese cargo ship "Fu Shun 36". Due to the displacement of its large equipment, all the hatch covers slipped to the port side, causing the ship to lean severely to the left. The 12 crew members on board were in danger and were ready to evacuate. Please raise your anchor immediately to rescue "Fushun 36". Time is life, and danger means order. The captain immediately notified the Chief Officer to go to the bow to prepare the anchor and the engine room to prepare the machine. Meanwhile, he reported the situation to the Company's Emergency Command Center and departments concerned.


The management team immediately sent its orders. "With the tanker’s safety as a premise, fully cooperate with the rescue!" In the meantime, the team formed a rescue group and a WeChat group to remotely guide Mt. SHANHUZUO to participate in the rescue. At 1540, the anchor was lifted off the sea bottom. Mt. SHANHUZUO quickly sailed to the waters where the cargo ship in distress was. The rescue was carried out in accordance with the predetermined plan. Everyone was busy with his duties and worked orderly. Two safety nets were deployed on the port side of the ship for climbing. The lifebuoy with rope and the rope thrower were ready. The medical team was on standby with rescue equipment and was ready to help the people who came on board. The kitchen prepared hot soup for the persons who were going to board the ship to warm their bodies and regain strength. Relevant departments of the company followed the updates of ships in real-time through telephone and WeChat, making suggestions for rescue, and putting forward many suggestions for navigation and the rescue. Mt. SHANHUZUO arrived at the destination. The vessel was fully prepared and was waiting for instructions from the Maritime Rescue and Coordination Center.


At 1717, “Fushun 36” anchored at shallow waters. Thanks to its draught, Mt. SHANHUZUO was able to tranquilize the sea by blocking waves. The traffic administration instructed Mt. SHANHUZUO to stay adrift and standby, providing on-site information and rescue suggestions. RENSHUNDA, a handier ship that is closer to the site, carried out the rescue operation.


At 1758, “Fushun 36” released the lifeboat. All crew boarded the lifeboat and evacuated from the ship in distress. RENSHUNDA gradually drew near the lifeboat with Mt. SHANHUZUO monitoring the operation from not far away and staying ready to come to the rescue at any time. At 1843, the lifeboat was on the port side of RENSHUNDA. All the crew transited from the lifeboat to RENSHUNDA by the safety net. Then at 1910, the traffic management center announced the completion of the rescue, after which Mt. SHANHUZUO concluded its operation and performed the voyage according to the original plan.


Throughout the whole mission of Mt. SHANHUZUO, the master responded at the earliest possible minute and made accurate deployment, the management team of the company remotely sent instructions to the ship, the well-trained crew swiftly prepared all kinds of rescue equipment, and the chef and the waiter cooked delicious hot soup. All these reflected the efficiency of the ship management and expertise of the crew, which add to the reputation of the company.

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