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Press Release
Press Release
Yu Bozheng Inspected Mt. CHANGCHI
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On July 7, Yu Bozheng, deputy general manager of COSCO SHIPPING Energy, visited Shanghai COSCO SHIPPING Heavy Industries to conduct a high-temperature inspection on Mt. CHANGCHI, which was under repair at the shipyard, and exchanged opinions with the ship’s “three chiefs”.


On behalf of the company, Yu Bozheng expressed his gratitude to the crew for their hard work and unremitting efforts, and conveyed the company’s concern to the crew members who had been working in the hot weather, and checked the implementation of the ship’s heatstroke prevention and pandemic prevention measures. Yu Bozheng also briefed the company’s performance and safety management in the first half of the year. After hearing the reports made by the ship’s “three chiefs” on the status of repair progress, safety management, pandemic prevention and control, team building, party building, etc., Yu Bozheng affirmed the overall management of the ship and the coordination among the “three chiefs”. Regarding the selection of objects to be repaired, the control of repair quality, ways to work with the shipyard to ensure safety during the repair period, methods to effectively learn from and apply the three SHELL actions and BBS safety management tools, and key issues that need further attention, Yu Bozheng made analyses and put forward suggestions.


Yu Bozheng stressed six requirements for onboard work in the future: First, we must use an apprenticeship system in which the original crews guide their substitutes to prepare the latter for their roles as soon as possible during the repair. Every crew should be responsible for their duties, give full play to their roles, and ensure safety during the repair. The second is to keep learning while summing up experience, pay attention to absorbing new knowledge, and keep up with the times. The third is to focus more on exchanges between ships and shores and work together to comfort crews under the pandemic. Fourth, it is necessary to take the "double hundred" requirements of the Shanghai Maritime Safety Administration for ships entering and leaving the port into consideration, earnestly carry out the core projects, and ensure the quality of repairs. Fifth, make a good plan for the maiden voyage after the repair. Make full preparations in accordance with the characteristics of the sailing route to ensure safety. Sixth, check the deficiencies, take the advantage of being in the shipyard to effectively solve them, and continuously improve the management of repair.


Yu Bozheng hopes that all the crew of Mt. CHANGCHI will take advantage of the opportunity of achieving the “benchmark ship” and give full play to the pioneering and exemplary role of Party members and the fortress role of the onboard Party branch. Promote management with Party building. Contribute to the company’s safe production and efficiency improvement.


Relevant personnel of the company's Ship Management Center accompanied Yu Bozheng.

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