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Press Release
CSET Convened Party Committee Expanded Meeting on Safety Management and Conveyed Spirit of Group Seminar on Implementing Spirit of Xi's Speech at CPC Centenary Ceremony
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On July 12, COSCO SHIPPING Energy’s Party Secretary Ren Yongqiang presided over a Party committee (expanded) meeting to study and deploy the company’s safety work and conveyed the spirit of the Group seminar on learning and implementing General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important remarks on July 1st. Company Director and General Manager Zhu Maijin participated in the meeting online.


At the meeting, the company’s party committee heard the company’s safety report in the first half of the year and reiterated the extreme importance of safety in production. The meeting pointed out that safety work has no ultimate. We must be prudential, like walking on the thin ice. We must be in awe of safety work and be cautious. Based on the spirit of the Group’s Party Secretary and Chairman Xu Lirong’s speech at the Group’s third safety committee (expanded) meeting in 2021, the meeting put forward six requirements for the safety work in the second half of the year. First, raise political stance, consolidate thoughts, and comprehensively implement safety responsibilities. Second, focus on “five preventions”, comprehensively control safety work in key periods and seasons. Third, strengthen a mechanism to detect and eliminate hidden dangers. Fourth, take multiple measures to further strengthen safety in all aspects under routine prevention and control of the pandemic. Fifth, establish and improve the comprehensive management system as soon as possible and improve the basic management ship and shore. Sixth, give full play to the role of party building to contribute to the company's healthy development.


Ren Yongqiang briefed the Group's theme seminars, conveyed the spirit of the Group's Party Secretary and Chairman Xu Lirong, and Deputy Party Secretary, Director, and General Manager Fu Gangfeng's speeches as well as the gist of the conference report. Ren Yongqiang combined his experience as a participant of the Group seminar with the company's actual situation and put forward three requirements.


First, it is necessary to treat the study and implementation of the spirit of Xi’s speech at the centenary ceremony as a major political task at present and in the future. The study of the spirit is the top priority of theoretical work. We should fully understand the great significance, rich content, core essence, and practical requirements of the speech.


The second is to calibrate both mind and behaviors against the spirit of the Group seminar and Xi’s speech. On the new journey towards the second centenary goal, we must use Xi’s Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era and the spirit of Xi’s speech at the ceremony marking the centenary of CPC as guidance. We should keep in mind the original mission of achieving a “maritime power” and a “shipping power” and make efforts to realize the vision of an outstanding leader in global energy transportation.


Third, shore-based and onboard employees must work hard together, turn pressure into motivation, with the sailing spirit of mutual help and fighting against the waves. We should maintain a rigorous, pragmatic, dynamic, and hardworking style to make unremitting efforts for the high-quality development of CSET. All employees of the company ought to stride forward and jointly create a better future for CSET.


The management board, heads and deputies of departments, and heads of divisions attended the meeting in the main venue. Staff at the assistant level or above of each marketing center, heads of Shanghai LNG, Hainan CSET, CPSCO, Guangzhou Sanding, and Ocean Oil Shipping Company, etc. joined the meeting online in the branch venue.

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