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Press Release
Press Release
Company’s Management Team Visited Supervision Team and Vessels Being Repaired in COSCO SHIPPING Heavy Industry (Dalian)
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On July 21, Zhao Jinwen, deputy general manager of COSCO SHIPPING Energy, and Xu Yifei, chairman of the labor union, led a team to Dalian COSCO SHIPPING Heavy Industries to visit the MR supervision team and the Mt. XINDANYANG and Mt. WEICHI, which were under repair in the shipyard.


Zhao Jinwen and Xu Yifei first expressed their solicitudes to the MR supervision team in the shipyard and exchanged opinions with them. On behalf of the company, Zhao Jinwen expressed his gratitude to the team for their hard work. He learned in detail about safety production, pandemic prevention and control, quality control, and the progress of the MR project. Then he separately addressed the key issues in the ship-building process. Xu Yifei inquired about the needs of the supervision team in detail and notified everyone to pay attention to work safety and physical health in hot weather.


Soon afterward, Zhao Jinwen and Xu Yifei conducted boarding inspections of the Mt. XINDANYANG that was under repair in the shipyard and carried out guidance to Mt. WEICHI remotely in accordance with the requirements of the pandemic prevention and control.


On behalf of the company management team, Zhao Jinwen expressed gratitude to the crew for their diligence and hard work, conveyed the company’s operation and safety performance in the first half of the year, analyzed and the key issues in the safety management of the fleet, and listened to the report of the "three chiefs" on the progress of ship repair projects, safety management, team building, achieving benchmarking ship, and labor union work. He responded to the key concerns of the crew and addressed the pandemic prevention and control, safety management, team building, and onboard party-building during the repair period.


Xu Yifei stressed that the onboard Party work, Union work, and League work should be related to the actual conditions of the ships and crews. It is necessary to strengthen the training and education of new crew members, give full play to team spirit, and ensure the safety of personnel and ships.


Relevant personnel from the company’s Ship Management Center, Labor Union Office, Technical Support Department, and Dalian Marketing Center accompanied Zhao Jinwen and Xu Yifei during the high-temperature inspection.

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