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Press Release
CSET Held Forum on Study and Implementation of Xi Jinping’s Speech at Centenary Ceremony of CPC
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From July 19th to 26th, COSCO SHIPPING Energy held a forum on studying and implementing the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech at a ceremony marking the centenary of the CPC. The company’s Party Committee, 16 departments, 3 marketing centers, and 10 subsidiaries, centered on the speech and the spirit of the Group seminar and carried out seminars one after another, taking the annual key tasks into consideration.


On July 26, the company held a meeting to conclude the study on Xi’s speech in the past week. Huang Xiaowen, a member of the Group's Party Branch and deputy general manager of the Group, attended the meeting. The company’s Party Secretary Ren Yongqiang and Managing Director Zhu Maijin attended the meeting. Leading officials of related departments of the Group attended the meeting. Huang Xiaowen introduced the Group's operation in the first half of the year, affirmed the company's hard work, and expressed solicitude and gratitude to the company’s employees and crew for their efforts. Huang Xiaowen put forward eight requirements for work in the second half of the year:


The first is to deeply understand the spirit of the important speech and take on the responsibilities of achieving greatness in the new era. The second is to adhere to the strategic layouts and maintain the sustainable development of the company. The third is to optimize the structure of the main business and enhance the cyclical ability of revenue-making. Fourth is to reflect the essence of service and stick to our core value of customers’ interests. Fifth is to lay a solid foundation for safety and improve the brand influence by safety marketing. The sixth is to adhere to the people-oriented approach and create an entrepreneurial atmosphere. Seventh is to deepen reforms and implement the three-year plan for the reform of state-owned enterprises. Eighth is to achieve high-quality development with the lead of strengthened grassroots party building.


At the summary meeting, Ren Yongqiang introduced the company's study and implementation of the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s speech. He pointed out three features of this seminar, which are clear themes, practicality, and effectiveness. Ren Yongqiang further put forward four requirements on the implementation of Xi’s remarks. The first is sticking to the strategy and maintaining the scientific development of the company. The second is to strengthen the safety foundation and effectively improve risk prevention capabilities. The third is to stimulate the vitality of talents and build a team with high-quality specialized expertise. The fourth is to strengthen Party building to ensure the correct direction of reforms and development.


Zhu Maijin summarized the company's operation in the first half of the year from the aspects of business operation, safety management, second curve development, lean management, and key projects, and put forward five requirements for the second half. First, focus on revenue of main tanker fleets and strives to improve the operation management. The second is to vigorously promote the LNG development and accelerate the development of the second curve. The third is to keep winning by lowering costs and to tap the potential to reduce costs and increase efficiency. The fourth is to strengthen the safety and risk control line of defense and build the core competitiveness of the enterprise. Fifth, promote the key tasks in depth to lay the foundation for high-quality development. The meeting commended the company's outstanding Communist Party members, outstanding Party affairs workers, outstanding grassroots Party branches, and outstanding political research papers. Representatives of them made speeches respectively. "25 key tasks" review team commented on the implementation and effects of various key tasks.

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