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Press Release
Press Release
Group Director, General Manager, and Deputy Party Secretary Fu Gangfeng Came to CSET for Investigation and Survey
发布时间: 2021-07-28 分享到:

On July 27, Fu Gangfeng, director, general manager, and deputy Party Secretary of China COSCO SHIPPING Group, came to COSCO SHIPPING Energy for investigation and survey. Huang Xiaowen, deputy general manager of the Group and a member of the Party branch, presided over the symposium. Heads of related departments of the Group, members of the company's leading team, and personnel from related departments of the company participated in the discussion. Fu Gangfeng heard a special report on the overall operation of CSET and business analysis in the first half of the year, and affirmed the company's achievements facing the market downturn, and put forward eight requirements for the next step.


The first is to earnestly and thoroughly study and implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech. We must foster a new pattern of development in the new stage with a full and accurate understanding of the new development philosophy. We must promote the company’s sustainable and high-quality development with a balance between safety and development. The second is to further improve the strategy. The responsibility of being the energy shipping backbone, including energy-transportation safety, industrial chain management, global development, LNG business extension, and fleet development, should all be reflected in the strategy. The third is to build better business analyses to provide scientific bases for decision-making in strategy and operation. We should gain experience in the study of benchmarks in the industry to improve corporate management. The fourth is to uphold and attach importance to green development. We should accelerate the expansion of green fleets, green business paradigms, and LNG business. Fifth, it is necessary to accelerate digital transformation. The level of digital intelligent operation and intelligent management should be raised to add to the new momentum for the high-quality development of the company. Sixth, comprehensively promote and deepen reforms, adhere to the unity of incentives and constraints, establish sound systems and mechanisms, and stimulate the vitality of enterprises. Seventh, it is necessary to strengthen competition and cooperation and jointly maintain the orderly and healthy development of the industry. Eighth, it is necessary to improve the competitiveness in safety and environmental protection, with the goal of "intrinsic safety", to ensure that safe work is foolproof.


The relevant functional departments of the Group put forward suggestions on the company's strategic development, operation management, international expansion, quality and efficiency improvement, risk management and control, digital transformation, and financial management.

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