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Press Release
Press Release
Digitalized Convenience and Heartfelt Delivery—CSET and COSCO SHIPPING Logistics Jointly Develop Digital Innovation in Customer Services
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Returning to the nature of shipping industry services and practicing "digital empowerment and smart shipping" are the unchanging development goals and directions of COSCO SHIPPING Energy. It is also a vivid presentation of the service concept of "Credibility, Safety, Efficiency, and Transparency". Relying on the advantages of the group's industrial chain, the company has joined hands with COSCO SHIPPING Logistics to launch the industry's first port ship queuing information query service. Starting from building a customer service system, creating customized service products, and improving digital service capabilities, the company continuously strengthens the cooperation between the upstream and downstream of the Group's industrial chain, and uses technological innovation to cultivate new energy through informatization and promote high-quality service brands with new energy to develop and provide customers with better digital services.


Internal and external interconnection to conduct the "last mile" of digital services


Proficiency lies in diligence, and action comes from thoughts. As a specialized company engaged in the transportation of oil products, liquefied natural gas and other energy and chemical transportation, COSCO SHIPPING Energy is committed to becoming a whole-process energy transportation solution provider, providing global high-quality services with all ship types under all-weather, and quickly responding to market changes. We start from customer-thinking and design solutions accordingly. Since the company officially released the "Captain Energy" customer service APP to the world in 2019, it has insisted on breakthroughs and innovations and continuously improved its functions. Through the platform, customers can conveniently inquire about the voyage information, ship position information, market index, oil price, and watch CCTV of ships. In 2021, the company once again launched the "one-click check on arrival" function on August 14 during the "Chinese Valentine's Day" to provide customers with inquiries about the queuing status of domestic tanker terminals.


"One-click check on arrival" provides information on the berthing of tankers in 20 key ports in China, including the estimated time of arrival, the order of berthing, pre-berth information, and cargo volume. Through this function, shippers can manage the supply chain more easily and conveniently. It can be described as integrating the ever-changing data and information. It is easy to understand, and the whole process is visible, and the arrival information can be grasped easily. In response to the needs of customers in various aspects such as timely and accurate information, visual and convenient services, quick response to needs, and safe and reliable solutions, the company is rooted in the heart and customer-centric inclusiveness, which once again reflects the smart service principle of simplicity over complexity.


Intensive collaboration adds to the entire transportation service plan


Connected and integrated, COSCO SHIPPING Energy interprets the origin of service value and meaning more openly. The company learned from the communication with customers that customers have a great demand for information on ships' queuing in ports, and the channels for obtaining information are single, and there is a lack of a platform for providing comprehensive information. The company believes that the truly valuable quality service does not lie in scale, but in whether it can help customers achieve maximum value. Based on an efficient and transparent service concept, the company will provide customers with integrated port queuing information services and include them in the APP upgrade plan.


The smooth launch of the "one-click check on arrival" function is inseparable from the group's comprehensive global service network and internal resource advantages, the strong support of COSCO SHIPPING Logistics, and the resource advantages accumulated by various port agents over the years. After confirming the APP function upgrade plan, the company’s executive leaders led a team to Beijing to conduct on-site discussions with COSCO SHIPPING Logistics as soon as possible. The two parties have a high degree of coordination within the group’s industrial chain, further upgrading the port and shipping cooperation, and create zero-delay service quality. Two sides conducted in-depth research and discussion. COSCO SHIPPING Logistics overcomes many difficulties such as scattered information sources of ports, unsmooth information, and shortage of manpower in some port companies, and integrates the strength of the entire logistics system to provide the greatest information support and guarantee. Through joint efforts, using the unique resource advantages of the Group, the port information collected by various port agents will finally be turned into a "one-click check on arrival" that customers can see, and we have taken a solid step towards satisfying customers' digital services.


Steady progress that spare no effort to realize the handheld shipping journey


With comprehensive strength, professional attitude, reliable quality and considerate service, COSCO SHIPPING Energy devotes itself to every detail that can enhance customer experience. On the one hand, the company docks logistics, communicates with the freight forwarders of more than 30 major domestic liquid cargo ports, and selects 20 port freight forwarders that can provide long-term stable data. The problem of the inconsistency of the information format of the Hong Kong News Agency agents at various ports has been solved and the original data such as the type of ships, the nature of domestic and foreign trade operations, the type of cargo, and the volume of goods have been standardized. On the other hand, we conducted cooperative discussions with the COSCOS SHIPPING Technology development and operation team on the specific requirements of APP updates, development analysis functions, and data display solutions, as well as multiple rounds of internal testing and debugging. The IOS version of the APP went through a lot of twists and turns when it was for review, and finally passed the review two days before the release date. As the first in China and the first in the industry, the "one-click check on arrival" function has been recognized and praised by customers. Before the 10th day of launch, the usage rate of this feature among active users has reached nearly 70%.


"One-click check on arrival" is a useful attempt of the company's "digital empowerment" strategy during the 14th Five-Year Plan. In the future, the company will also take service business and customer service as its core, take data asset value creation as its core goal, and take the three major functional systems of guarantee, support, and empowerment as the framework to create an energy source with efficient governance, collaboration and sharing, and precise operation. The company's data management platform promotes the construction of various quick-win scenarios, and promotes the intelligent management of energy companies and the acceleration of digital services.


Grasp the opportunity and see the future. COSCO SHIPPING Energy has never been absent in the process of digital transformation of empowering service brands in the industry. The company shares opportunities and challenges with customers, and becomes a community of shared destiny. Under the guidance of the concept of mutual consultation, co-construction, sharing, and win-win, through the "Captain Energy" customer service APP, an innovative carrier of high-quality services, we can provide customers with ship dynamics and voyage execution anytime and anywhere, and realize the promotion and acquisition of important company information. We can gain customers’ real-time evaluation of each voyage and timely respond to customers’ needs, complaints and praise. All these provide basis and reference for operation management, benefit analysis and customer service system and comprehensively improve customer experience and satisfaction. While delivering energy, we are also delivering a better life and value. The connection between COSCO SHIPPING Energy and its customers has become smoother through digital means.


COSCO SHIPPING Energy will continue to work with brothers and partners to build exclusive "wisdom at the fingertips and convenience in service" for more customers, tap the potential of smart shipping, and brave the wind and waves and pioneer in the intelligent era of digital transformation.

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