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Press Release
Press Release
CSET Held Midyear Meeting on Model Ship Creation
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On August 4, in order to implement the spirit of seminars held by the Group and the company on the study of Xi Jinping’s important speech, and to study and deploy various tasks including improving ship management by party building, COSCO SHIPPING Energy held a midyear meeting on "model ship creation". The meeting summarized the progress and problems of creation in the first half of the year and then mobilized personnel for the work in the next phase. The company’s Party Secretary Ren Yongqiang attended the meeting and delivered a speech. The managing director and deputy Party Secretary Zhu Maijin attended the meeting. The relevant leading officials of the Group’s Political Affairs Office also attended the meeting to deliver the guidance. Ren Yongqiang pointed out that the creation of “model ships” is closely integrated with the practical situation of the company. The method is pragmatic and innovative, and the supporting mechanism is strong and firm. The project is a concrete demonstration of the “three-dos philosophy” of the Group’s Party branch. Ren Yongqiang put forward four requirements for the creation of "model ships" in the next stage. The first is to highlight safety management, the second is to stay problem-orientated, the third is to highlight the leading role of Party building, and the fourth is to emphasize people-oriented.


At the meeting, the Party Committee of Ship Management Center reported on the progress of “model ship creation” this year, pointed out existing problems and drawbacks, deployed key tasks for the next stage, and interpreted the “three capabilities” index in Party building on board.


The company management team, relevant personnel from the Safety Supervision Department, Technical Support Department, and Ship Management Center attended the meeting at the main venue. 33 ship “three chiefs” and some ship representatives participated in the conference virtually.

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