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CHINA POOL Service Platform Unveiled

Date:2024-04-11 Frequency: Size:[large in Small ]

On April 9, 2024, CHINA POOL Operation Management Company (the "Company") unveiled the CHINA POOL service platform (, guided by the strategic objectives of COSCO SHIPPING Corporation Limited to drive digital shipping vigorously and the steadfast commitment of COSCO SHIPPING Energy to empower businesses with digital technology. This all-new platform seamlessly integrates various digital elements across the board, leveraging existing capabilities to provide comprehensive business information and offering enhanced interactive features with a more cutting-edge hi-tech appeal, elevating customer experience and usability.

This state-of-the-art service platform enables the Company to promptly disseminate crucial information such as new regulations, capabilities, and significant events, ensuring that stakeholders within and beyond the industry are always informed of the latest developments in CHINA POOL. Additionally, the platform grants authorized POOL Members access to operational information and multi-perspective analysis reports about core data such as vessel contributions, time charter equivalent (TCE), and revenue sharing upon logging into the service center, thereby informing, promptly, partners of their earnings and the operational status of CHINA POOL. Furthermore, the service platform is fortified with digitized capabilities including vessel navigation monitoring and analysis, early risk warning, and other functionalities that integrate global automatic identification system (AIS) data and weather forecast information, empowering partners to manage vessel navigation and safety through digital technology. Moreover, the platform may promptly release information on industry hot topics and provide the POOL's analysis of industry developments and trends, thereby keeping partners updated on the latest industry insights to facilitate informed decision-making in collaboration with the Company.

The launch of the CHINA POOL service platform marks a significant milestone for CHINA POOL Operation Management Company in fulfilling the digital development requirements of COSCO SHIPPING Corporation Limited and COSCO SHIPPING Energy, enhancing their appeal to external shipowners and charterers through the new service platform, and assisting the Company in expanding shipping capacity and improving marketing operations. 

Looking ahead, CHINA POOL Operation Management Company remains committed to accelerating digital transformation and innovation, bolstering business and digitalization capacities. Through digital means, the Company aims to streamline operational processes and enhance capabilities to serve the POOL shipowners and charterers, ultimately advancing towards the goal of achieving a "world-class POOL."

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