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COSCO SHIPPING Energy Transportation Co., Ltd. is a specialized company engaging in shipment of energy, including oil and natural gas, operating under China COSCO SHIPPING Corporation Limited, a merged entity from the energy transportation arms of China Ocean Shipping Company and China Shipping Company. Established in Shanghai on June 6, 2016, the Company is committed to becoming a whole-process energy transportation solution provider, providing customers with all-type, all-location and all-rounded energy shipping services.



COSCO SHIPPING Energy focuses on two core businesses, oil shipping and LNG transportation. Boasting years of rich experience and a great reputation, the Company has formed a good corporate image in the industry.

The Company’s tanker fleet ranks World No.1, covering all mainstream tanker types, and stands out globally with the complete variety of tankers. Taking vigorous efforts to develop VLCC POOL and enhance the operating efficiency of the fleet, the Company strives to deliver win-win results to both clients and shipowners.

The Company is also leading China's LNG transportation business, and is now an important player in the global market. COSCO SHIPPING LNG Investment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Company, and China LNG Shipping (Holdings) Limited (CLNG), of which the Company holds 50% equity, are the only two large LNG transportation companies in China. They currently provide service mainly to projects involving LNG imports from Australia, Papua New Guinea and Russia to China.


Safety Management

COSCO SHIPPING Energy has always adhered to the principle of “World-Leading Safety Marketing”, and practice world-class safety management of liquid cargo carriers. After years of exploration and competition, the Company has established a stable and efficient safety management system, as well as a technical, transportation and ship management system that continuously upgrades itself.

Global Development

COSCO SHIPPING Energy has established a global marketing service system + global security emergency support system. By giving full play to the functions of satellite offices, the Company keeps expanding its overseas market share, fully utilizes its fleet size advantage, and has achieved well-diversified clients, sources of cargos and shipping routes.


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