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In March 2020, the Company completed the non-public issuance of 730,659,024 A shares, raised RMB5.1 billion, which demonstrated a successful contra-cyclical, low-cost capacity expansion.


In 2019, in accordance with the overall strategy of COSCO Shipping Group, the Company successfully completed reforms on vessel management system, supporting business model and the organization at its headquarters, unified fleet operation and vessel management, and thus realized centralised and optimised allocation of resources. A new framework, a new system, and a new team were officially put into operation on 1 February, 2019.


On 6 June 2016, COSCO SHIPPING Energy Transportation Co., Ltd. was inaugurated and headquartered in Shanghai. In the first half of 2016,China Shipping Development Company Limited has implemented significant asset reorganization to sell 100% equity interests of China Shipping Bulk Carrier Co., Limited to China COSCO Bulk Shipping (Group) Co., Ltd and acquire 100% equity interests of Dalian Ocean Shipping Company Limited from China Ocean Shipping (Group) Company. Upon completion of the reorganization, the main business of the Company will be changed to oil shipment business and LNG shipment business, and the company name will be changed to “COSCO Shipping Energy Transportation Co., Ltd.” from “China Shipping Development Company Limited”.


The Company decided to exercise early redemption of the Convertible Bonds which was issued in 2011 and the conversion and redemption of all convertible bonds ended in February 2015, leading to a increase of 627,480,591 A shares of the Company. Thereafter, the Company’s total number of shares increased to 4.032 billion, consisting of 2.736 domestically listed domestic shares (A shares) and 1.296 overseas listed foreign shares (H shares).

2013/11 In November 2013, China Shipping Tanker Company Limited (“CS Tanker”), the wholly owned subsidiary of the Company, was established in Shanghai.
2012/8 In August 2012, China Shipping Bulk Carrier Company Limited(“CS Bulk”), the wholly owned subsidiary of the Company, was established in Guangzhou. The Company then injected equities of nine companies into CS Bulk, including five subsidiries, two jointly-controlled enterprises and two equity investment enterprises. CS Bulk will be the only platform of the Company for the shipping of dry bulk.
2011/8 In August 2011, the Company issued RMB 3.95 billion convertible bonds to the public in A shares market and the convertible bonds was listed in the Shanghai Stock Exchange in August 12th 2011.
2009/4  In April 2009, the Company acquired China Shipping LNG Investment Company Limited from China Shipping Group. The Company established three joint ventures with SinoPec and PetroChina thereafter. The three joint ventures, cooperating with MOL, have ordered 10 LNG vessels in July 2011 and April 2013, of which 6 vessels are controlled by the Company.

 In July 2007, the Company issued RMB2 billion convertible bonds to the public in A share market. The conversion and redemption of all convertible bonds ended in April 2008, leading to a increase of 78,552,270 shares of the Company. Thereafter, the Company’s total number of shares increased to 3.405 billion, consisting of 2.109 domestically listed domestic shares (A shares) and 1.296 overseas listed foreign shares (H shares).

2007  In 2007, the Company ordered 16 VLOCs (very large ore carrier), which represented the Company began to enter into the shipping market of China’s importing iron ore.
2006 As at the end of 2006, the Company acquired 42 bulk carriers from China Shipping Group.After the above adjustment of capital structure and management structure, the Company has been one of the largest shipping companies in the Fast East from a regional shipping company, majoring in oil shipping and tramp shipping.
2005/12 In December 2005, the Company implemented equity division reform. China Shipping, the controlling shareholder of the Company, paid 101.5 million shares to the other domestic shareholders of the Company, and the rest of the unlisted shares hold by China Shipping conversed into A shares. After the reform, the total 3.326 billion shares of the Company remained unchanged, consisting of 2.03 billion domestically listed domestic shares (A shares) and 1.296 billion overseas listed foreign shares (H shares).
2002/5 In May 2002, the Company made an IPO in Shanghai with issue of 0.35 billion new shares. After the IPO in Shanghai, the Company had a total of 3.326 billion shares, consisting of 1.68 billion state-owned legal person shares, 1.296 billion overseas listed foreign shares (H shares), and 3.5 billion domestically listed shares targeting the public(other A shares).

From April to June in 1998, the Company issued 216 million new shares to H shareholders and issued 280 million domestic shares to controlling shareholder and acquired 19 oil tankers from Dalian Shipping and Guangzhou Shipping.

1998 According to the principle of “operate by center and manage by different levels”, the Company set up tramp branch and oil tanker branch to adapt to circumstance of domestic and international shipping market in the first half of 1998. In the meanwhile, according to the requirement of specialization, the Company operated and managed all the oil tankers and bulk carriers owned by Dalian Shipping and Guangzhou Shipping by means of management agreements.

On July 18th, 1997, China Shipping received 1.4 billion state owned legal person shares of Hai Xing Shipping from Shanghai Shipping by agreement. As a consequence, China Shipping became the controlling shareholder of Hai Xing Shipping. In December 1997, Hai Xing Shipping changed its name to China Shipping Development Co., Ltd.( “the Company”).


In order to transform management mechanism of shipping companies more quickly and collocate coastal shipping capacity more properly, China Shipping Group was established in Shanghai on July 1st, 1997. As the core company of China Shipping Group, China Shipping (Group) Company (“China Shipping”)holds all the shares of Shanghai Shipping, Guangzhou Shipping and Dalian Shipping.


The predecessor of the Company--Shanghai Haixing Ship Co., Ltd., was established on May 4, 1994. It publicly issued 1.08 billion H shares on November 1, 1994 and was listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange ten days later. Haixing Ship was the largest coal and crude shipper in East China. It was among the second batch of overseas listed pilot enterprises determined by the Securities Commission of the State Council. It was established exclusively by Shanghai Shipping, with a total equity of 1.4 billion shares.

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