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    Oil Index
    Tanker Index WS Change
    Gulf-Japan 260000mt Crude Oil 207 4.5
    Kuwait-Singapore 80000mt Crude Oil 148.33 13.61
    West Africa-China 260000mt Crude Oil 197.08 7.7
    Gulf-Japan 75000mt Crude Oil 184.06 4.37
    Singapore-Japan 30000mt Clean Products
    Crude Oil Market

    Brent Crude Oil($/bbl)

    22.74 -0.02
    Port Of The World Oil Price
    Singapore 191.75 287.08 299.75
    Rotterdam 139.75 280.23 291
    Houston 178.25 322.04 340.25
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1138HKD Price Change
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COSCO Shipping Energy Transportation Co., Ltd. (“COSCO Shipping Energy”) is a specialized company engaging in energy shipment such as oil and gas, comprising China COSCO Shipping Corporation Limited. Its predecessor is China Shipping Development Company Limited (01138K, 600026), headquartered Shanghai, the main subsidiaries include COSCO Shipping Tanker (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., COSCO Shipping Tanker (Dalian) Co., Ltd., China Shipping Group Gas Investment Co., Ltd., China Shipping Development (Hong Kong) Marine Co., Limited and China Shipping Development (Singapore) Marine Co., Limited.
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